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  1. Ok here is the update. I pulled the valve covers back off and took another look at both cams on both heads and indeed there is NO possible way that the 2 cams could even fit on the wrong head....so now im back to making sure that i have the two cams matched up on each head. It was my understanding that you match the dots on the two gears to align them. Is there any possible way to screw this up?
  2. Well i pushed the car back into the shop last night....im going to pull the valve cover off the front to see if i can see any form of markings on that non-sprocket camshaft. Please weigh in if you have any thoughts.
  3. Hello all, I have a 2002 mazda with the DOHC V6 motor. I completely rebuilt the top end last year. (the car was bought with a bad head gasket so i never heard it run prior) I put it all back together and checked my timing marks at least 4 times. All the marks on the sprockets are correct but when the engine turns over it sounds like there is ZERO compression and of course it doesn't run......i parked in in the "naughty" corner for a year now and moved on to other projects because i was very frustrated. Just the other day I had some crazy thought.......even though the sprocket ca
  4. Hello all, I was wondering if it is possible to install a distributor on the 2002 version of the v6. I have been trying to diagnose a no-spark condition on this engine and I am getting nowwhere. I welcome any thoughts at all! I've installed new camsensor and cranksensors, new plugs and wires, tried a different coil pack. Even tried a different ECU. I get 1.5 volts on the crank sensor (engine off key on) I get nothing on the cam sensor (engine off key on) (not sure if this is correct or not I though i was supposed to get 1v according to the diagrams) Please pleas
  5. Wow. I'm working on a 2002 car. Same engine and almost EXACTLY the same problem. I was excited to see this posting but then was saddened at the end as the problem didn't seem to ever get solved only an engine replacement. I also have one other weirdness in my puzzle and that is NO spark at all on any cylinder. I thought maybe i miss read the alignment marks or something so i pulled all covers off again and all my marks are dead on where they should be. I'm at a complete loss on this one. Is there any other sensor on this car that would cause a 100% no spark situation? For examp
  6. Hello all, I am seeking any kind of diagnostic ideas that i can do to figure out why this engine doesn't have spark. Here is the history I got this car not running and knowing it needed at minimum head gaskets I have put new headgaskets,new water pump, timingbelt, spark plugs, spark plug wires, crank position sensor, cam position sensor. I have worked on countless cars before and this one has me stumped. I also bought a new coil pack and a working used ECU. I cannot get spark. I do have power coming to the coil pack. I also have 1.5 volts going to the crank
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