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  1. Providing an update... I took the car to a different mechanic today and after doing a bit of tinkering with the idle, checking the plugs, listening and such he drove the car with me in it. What he noticed was that the car is missing really bad. He thinks the timing is off which is causing the missing issue. He floored the gas while entering the interstate and the car put out little power. It gradually built up speed, but not straight away. I have scheduled an appointment to take the car back to his shop next week due to him being busy this week. Hopefully he will be able to resolve the issue and get my 626 back to proper running condition. I'll let you guys know the results once I get the car back.
  2. Well, no photos of a burnt 626 to post. Grateful for that. When I got in the car this morning it still had a bit of the electrical smell, but started with me pushing the gas pedal in and I was able to make it home. Luckily I only live 5 minutes from my job. I'm off today and tomorrow so I will take your advice and take it to a muffler shop and see what they can come up with. Will let you know once I find out something.
  3. Ok now I'm starting to worry... Tonight when I started my car to come to work (I work graveyard shift) the car started fine as it was a bit warmer today, but after arriving to work I left the car running for about 30 - 40 minutes while I was chatting with co-workers and after getting back in the car I smelled burning. Like something electrical... I parked the car and as I had to start working I just left it. Hopefully I won't be sending in a photo of a char-boiled 626 with my next post. Why does it always have to be fix one thing then another breaks type scenario with older cars??? smh...
  4. Thanks for that info @OldSix_95 reading your explanation makes me think my issue could be very similar. I may take it into a muffler shop and see if they will have a look. I have thought about the thermostat when seeing others post about the temperature sensor. Like I said on cold starts it's really bad, but once it warms up it gets a bit better. Not back to normal, but a lot smoother and it will start right up without me having to push down on the gas to get it to start. One thing I am wondering though... With my old fuel pump when I turned the key just before starting I would hear the fuel pump turn on, but now it only comes on when I'm turning the key to start the car. This makes me feel the pump is not priming thus I need to push the gas pedal when starting on cold starts. I'm tired already of spending money trying to figure out what's going on. I really wish there was a go to Mazda repair shop locally where I could take the car and they knew what to do instead of guessing.
  5. Hello all, I recently came across this thread due to my 1998 626 having a rough idle after getting it back from the shop. Around November 2018 (Thanksgiving) my fuel pump went. I went to a junk yard with a buddy of mine and got a fuel pump from a junked car and put in into my car. We didn't drop the tank instead we cut a hole in the floor board under the backseat and replaced the part. When trying to start the car after replacing the fuel pump the car still would not start. The engine would spin as if it were going to start, but nothing... My friend who is a mechanic checked to see if the car was getting spark and fuel which it was, but the car still would not start. Just in case I bought a set of new spark plugs and installed them, but the car still would not start. We tried using starter fluid, but the car still would not turn over. Finally I had enough for that day and as it was the holidays I decided to just leave it and come back to the car later. While the car was sitting my friend contacted me and said to check the crank shaft positioning sensor and see if it were dirty. I checked it and although it had some dirt/ old oil on it it was fairly clean, but I decided to go ahead and replace it anyway. Still no start. Fast forward to last week. I had the car towed to a repair shop where they found that the timing was off and they corrected this issue and now the car starts and runs, but with a very rough idle especially on cold starts. There is not a check engine light on the dashboard. The guys at the repair shop suggested I take the car to a transmission repair shop due to the car jerking really hard when I put the car into drive. The guy at the repair shop adjusted the idle lower to prevent some of the jerking. When I am driving the car acceleration is hit or miss. Sometimes it accelerates normally and other times when I push the gas I get nothing, but a high rpm and a slowly accelerating car. At red lights the car shakes, jerks, and sometimes stalls due to the idle issue. Luckily I live in New Orleans which is flat so I don't have to worry about going up hills and can avoid most bridges. If anyone has suggestions on what I can do to resolve this issue that would be great. Of course ideally I would like to find a Mazda expert here in the city, but thought I would check here first. Thanks in advance for your help.
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