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  1. Shop decided that is was going to take 1,800$ to fix. Yeah that ain't right. So, I'll have to find myself a replacement pump and put it in myself. Gonna be fun
  2. Pumps out, I finally decided to break down and take her to a shop. We'll see what goes on from there I guess. -T
  3. So I've driven my little "Grandma Sedan" for 3 years now, It's a nice little car to be honest. Other than mine I've only ever seen one on the road. Got it from an older woman so despite it being a 92 I just hit 100K a little bit ago. I've had almost no problems with her expect for two or three things. My A/C's out which I don't mind most of the time except she tends to fog up, A lot. I've only turned on the A/C once, that was a mistake as it caught fire. My rear defrost also doesn't work however it did before I swapped the dash out when mine stopped working (The intermediate wiper level also stopped working, however it works when I turn on the left turn signal for whatever reason). My main problem with my 626 is the key. I go through them all the time as they don't go into the door all the way so they tend to rip halfway up. Anybody got any advice on the A/C? Don't want to spend a fortune of her as I'm planning on getting an old Land Cruiser as my next car. I'd keep my little 626 but I'm guessing she can't exactly go off road all that well (I ain't trying that's for sure). I'll be selling her too a buddy of mine and I don't want to give him a death trap. Once it fogs up too much I have to drive with all the windows down for a bit, not too bad expect when the weather decides to well, be Oregon. Any comments appreciated. -T
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