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    Upgrading my 626! You can never do too much!
  1. mazdaspeed_626

    200hp At Wheels?

    200hp at the wheels, thats a piece of piss mate. Get a KL-ZE, thats already 200 at the fly, then speak to adlorin, go to his site www.mrspeed.biz, that will give your car well in excess of a measly 200hp at the wheels.
  2. mazdaspeed_626

    Abs Light On

    don't know how to fix it, but my abs light only comes on when i'm drifting my car, it normally only comes on when the abs is trying to work but it is failing
  3. mazdaspeed_626

    Speed Sensor? Flashing O/d

    I don't know about the 98 model if its the same, but on the 93 model the speed sensor in on the transaxle.
  4. mazdaspeed_626

    1993 626 Differential

    I have checked, its not a CV joint, they were just replaced recently, and you can normally tell when they're about to snap, they clunk and grind whenever you turn the wheels when they're about to f**k up.
  5. mazdaspeed_626

    1993 626 Differential

    This quaife atb diff, I've been doing some research, but does anyone actually have it, does anyone have a testimony about the product, because it is a good $2000AUD. Thanks guys.
  6. mazdaspeed_626

    1993 626 Differential

    Thanks vlad for the help. This isn't a JDM MTX, the engine used to be an 03, it only just recently got changed, and this engine was an auto, so it was my gear box and clutch that was used, now apart from the power house everything else isn't from the JDM. and obviously I'm an aussie as well living in Victoria, so if anyone knows any Australian spots to fix my problems, don't hesitate to post something up.
  7. mazdaspeed_626

    1993 626 Differential

    G'day ppl. Well I was just having a nice drive on Friday night when after smashing the car into second gear there was all of a sudden no drive going to the wheels, which was just lovely. The differential has shit itself obviously and now it needs to be replaced. Does anybody know of any other types of diffs that can be put in this car, as in an LSD, something that would be able to handle the power that the KL-ZE puts out and handle the abuse that it may get every now and then, as the racing clutch isn't forgiving at all, and dumps everything on the diff thanks to its lovely grip. I could just replace it with another diff out of another 626 but then I may just come across the same problem again, can anyone help? Cheers.
  8. mazdaspeed_626

    Adjusting The Parking Brake

    Hey, here's an idea for all of you. Instead of doing it the hard way and adjusting the position screws on the calipers, why don't you just adjust the hand brake cable instead. Next to the handbrake inside the car is a little cover, if you pop that out, than you will see a bolt down next to the hand brake, put a socket in there and turn, you will soon notice that your handbrake cable is tightening or loosening. B)
  9. mazdaspeed_626

    Torsion Bars

    G'day everyone, I always drive my 626 almost as hard as it can go whether I'm in a corner or not and I want it to handle a little bit better, even though the handling is already fairly good, it could be better. I want to upgrade the cross torsion bars to improve the handling but I don't know where to find them. I was going to just get them custom built but if someone already has after market ones than I would appreciate it if you told me where you got them from and how good they are. Thanks pplz. -Josh-
  10. mazdaspeed_626

    What Would You Pay For A Sc Kit?

    Aussie Group Buy B) B) Very good idea!! I'll be in on that.
  11. mazdaspeed_626

    Thompson Motorsports?

    Thanks a lot for that Tim, now I can finally get the gauges I want!!
  12. mazdaspeed_626

    Thompson Motorsports?

  13. mazdaspeed_626

    Thompson Motorsports?

    Does anybody know of anywhere else that sells indiglo gauges in KMH and not MPH. Clearly I would probably prefer KMH considering I live in Australia. Everywhere I've looked sell only MPH and this Thompson Motorsports place was the only company who sold KMH indiglo gauges, and now there is no one who sells them, or is there? please help.
  14. mazdaspeed_626

    Another Extractor/header Question

    Headers run directly down the middle of the engine bay, Rafi from RR-Racing seems to think that the HS headers that he sells fit both LHD and RHD v6's. But there's only one way to find out whos right, buy them. I'll be buying them soon but probably not soon enough for your liking, but I will let everyone know if they fit when I buy mine from RR-racing. -Josh-
  15. mazdaspeed_626

    Thompson Motorsports?

    doesn't anybody have any idea???????