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    1999 USA Model Crank, no start.

    Put the crank sensor on it, and it started right up. Funny there was no code. Also to route the new sensor same as orig, I would have had to take belts off. I even pulled the dip stick tube, and there was not enuf room. If I was going to do it again I would not have pulled dip stick tube Jack Car, pull RF wheel, and plastic splash shield, pull coolant over flow tank. cut wire on CPS and remove. Route wire on new cps to the outside of pulley bracket, and ziptie to keep away from belt. rock auto shows two different lengths, aprox 11" and 18" Get the long one. Thanks to this forum my buddy's car is running again. I hope I have added some info to people down the road
  2. ctbale

    1999 USA Model Crank, no start.

    When he first called me over to help him out, we sprayed starter fluid in, and it popped over on the starter fluid. I noticed his gas gauge said 1/8 tank. It did a hell of a back fire when it tried to start. I told him we needed to push it out of the garage, when we did the gauge showed near empty with the low fuel light on. I told him he was out of gas! Put 4 gallons in it, it started right up. Then I told him to go fill it up. He drove to the station, filled it, came home, parked it in garage, two days later he said it wouldnt start again. He said it drove fine going to get fuel. Never checked for spark again, either with starting fluid, or by pulling the plugs. What makes this one so weird, it started immediately after adding 4 gallons of gas. I am out of town for a while now, CPS/CKP is gunna be here soon, fingers crossed
  3. ctbale

    1999 USA Model Crank, no start.

    OMG! It might be the Crank Position Sensor after all!!!
  4. ctbale

    1999 USA Model Crank, no start.

    Lots of interesting stuff, scrolled thru first 8 pages. Will do some searching. Not sure if I am going to put in that CPS when it gets here. We have to try something. I might try resetting the computer. We are in a bush community in Alaska. Gustavus Alaska. Have to put the car on a ferry just to get it to Juneau and no Mazda dealerships there. Might do a new computer. The Immobilizer is out I think due to our location. I have not even found the box, but my guess is it does have one. I wonder if Mazda USA has a tech support line, my friend who owns the car would be happy to pay for tech support right now. Had a suggestion to look at the pin out of the computer and figure out which wire goes to ground and either trace that wire or just tap into it and put an additional ground to frame. The splice would be close to the connector. Couldn't hurt. But if the computer was not seeing ground, there would be all kinds of bells and whistles happening so that a long shot.
  5. ctbale

    Fuel Pump Relay Diagnostics

    Just want to ad, the manual is wrong on how to manually run the fuel pump. It says you jump pin 30 to ground under the fpr. you need to put 12v on socket 30, either straight from the battery or from socket 87
  6. ctbale

    1999 USA Model Crank, no start.

    thanks! I see these had been at least one other member here with a crank/no start with the same issue of the fuel pump running when jumped, but not running on normal start attempt due to the ecu/pcm not providing a ground to pin 85/lite blue wire on the fuel pump relay. At least I think it was this site. where ever it was they never reported back with what fixed it. once we figure it out I will report back with the fix.
  7. ctbale

    1999 USA Model Crank, no start.

    I pulled the two side panels on each side of the center counsel and looked under the steering wheel. I couldnt find the ecu/pcm or the immobilizer. I am in alaska and I am out of data in my phone until friday. might have to get a friend to download that manual. The 2001 book says the ecu/pcm is behind the radio? and my internet searching says the immobilizer is under the steering wheel? This car is kicking my ass
  8. ctbale

    1999 USA Model Crank, no start.

    Thanks so much for the manual!! Been using the manual for the 2001, this one is closer to his car. Yea, your right about not being the crank sensor. Dang it! Just ordered one off rock auto too! Yea, we tried his second key, no help. This description says I will get a flashing key symbol after a failed start if the immobilizer is defective. https://performancetechnician.com/2009/10/immobilizer/ I know the ecu/pcm is not giving the relay a ground. so for some reason the ecu/pcm is not letting the car start. We are stumped.
  9. ctbale

    Cooling fan troubleshooting

    Did you ever fix this? Was it a bad PCM?
  10. ctbale


    bad PCM?
  11. ctbale

    1999 USA Model Crank, no start.

    Oh yea, no codes either Would the Crank Position Sensor give a code? My guess would be yes?
  12. ctbale

    Crank no strart

    holy cow, same problem I have been having. I am not getting the fuel relay to latch. No ground thru pin 85, lite blue wire going to PCU. I have another thread going. Mine is a 1999. Hoping someone here with some inside knowledge can help. oops, this thread is months old, but it was above my 1 hour old post .... hmmm. nevermind
  13. I am working on a friends 1999 626 V6 Auto tranny. It cranks, but will not start. It pops over with starting fluid so its Fuel Related. Just want to say before I get into it, the manual is wrong about jumping Pin 30 to ground at the fuel pump relay (labeled CIRCUIT) to manually run the fuel pump. Its OBDII. If you look at the wiring diagram, thats the positive side of the pump, and the ground wire to the pump goes straight to ground. Its should say jump from 87 to 30 to run the pump. And that does run my pump. I pulled the fuel line off the discharge side of the fuel filter, ran a 5/16" line to a 5 gallon can, did the jump and the flow was excellent. Didnt check pressure. here is my problem: The pump wont pump with the key in the run or start position. The lite blue (85) wire that goes from the fuel pump relay socket to the PCM is not getting a ground thru the PCM. I have voltage on the 86 pin, but with no ground the relay wont latch, and if the relay wont latch, no connection between 87 to 30 and fuel wont flow. I pulled the cover off the relay and it wont latch in any scenario. Swapped relays, and bench tested the relay I opened up, its functional. So why wont the PCM provide ground for the FUEL RELAY? Imobilizer? (not even sure if I have one BTW) Crank Position Sensor? Bad PCM? I did latch the relay (forcing the pump to run) with a tiny wood dowel while my buddy cranked it, still no start. Any ideas would be welcome! Thanks