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  1. I have a gorgeous '85 626LX Touring Hatchback and would like to find some spare to have on hand: Electronic Instrument cluster (working or not) Electronic suspension struts and actuators that mount on top of the assemblies Alternative for rear hatch struts or suggestions
  2. Hi, Please let me know if you have any 1985 626 LX Hatchback parts - specifically for the electronic instrument cluster as well as the electronic suspension. Thanks!
  3. It is alsoo referred to as the Receiver Drier. I collects system debris to keep the system operating at optimal efficiency.
  4. My first question regards the Adjustable Electronic Suspension. Can parts still be sourced for it?  trutsCan you just replace the struts with stock struts and essentially disable the system?  1828442878_ZumZumLT3_4FT.thumb.jpg.a7917823ec27bbe68c5b021068a77eec.jpg

    Zum Zum Rt 3.4 RR.jpg

    Zum Zum FT Seats from LT.jpg

  5. Looking forward to being on this forum and hope to get lot's of help and advice from members.

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