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  1. There is a hose that doesn't seem to be attached with clamps and I'm trying to figure out if coolant is possibly leaking from this. Can anyone identify what hose this is? The first picture is the hose (looks like a backward C shape). The second picture is from further away for reference, the square cutout directly in the middle of the picture is where the first picture is taken. The final picture is where one of the coolant leaks seems to be happening.
  2. the fluid is neon dark green. At first I thought it might be coolant, but after feeling it, it seems a little greasy. Could it be something else?
  3. I have a small coolant leak that's located towards the driver side about halfway back from the front bumper to where the steering wheel is. I've brought the vehicle to the shop and they pressure tested it a couple of times and said there was no leak and they couldn't seem to visually find the leak. Usually happens after I haven't driven the car for a day or two, and the leak is about 2 tablespoons full and then it ceases. Usually happens right after I shut the car off after driving it for a few miles. Any ideas?
  4. 1999 Mazda 626 LX 4 cylinder - What is the circled item?
  5. Hello,I noticed in the below video there is a hose that they remove from the side of the air filter box to get to the air filter. When I checked my engine, I noticed it was not there. I'm curious if the pictures attached show where the hose goes and what hose this is that I'm missing, if any? The top picture is taken from the passenger side aiming towards the driver side. The middle picture is taken from the driver side aiming toward the passenger side. The bottom picture is a general reference of the location that I'm talking about. Step 2 of this video shows the hose https://www.carcarekiosk.com/video/1998_Mazda_626_LX_2.0L_4_Cyl./air_filter_engine/replace
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