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  1. Interesting. I already sent the wheels back. I'll feel safe with 6" wide, which really don't seem to be currently available (new) in any styles I like. I'm keeping my eyes open for some used wheels.
  2. I have 15 x 7 aftermarket wheels on my Opel, with 195/50 tires. So I just looked at them, and did some measuring. The width of the tire actually does extend past the wheel (by a small amount), and there is about 3" of tire above the very top edge of the wheel. Not a problem on my Opel, but could be a problem on my Mazda.
  3. I don't think there is enough space for the tire, it looks like it will contact the strut on either the sidewall or tread area. I don't want to take a chance on test fitting a tire, because once a tire has been mounted I can't return the wheels. I think I'm going to chicken out with these.
  4. It's hard to tell from the angle of the photo I posted, but the inside edge of the wheel is very close to the shock/strut body, maybe 1/4" or 5 mm? Are your 7" wide wheels the same? Is the sidewall of your tire (starting from top edge of the wheel to top of tread) less than 2.5" tall? In the examples you listed above, the #1 tire has a sidewall height of 103 mm, which is about 4". But I only have about 3" of space before the tire would touch.
  5. I just got a set of 15 x 7, + 20 wheels, and did a test fit to the front. Unfortunately it seems that I don't really have enough room for the tire, as I fear it will hit or rub on the upper section of strut where the spring base is (see photo). There is less than 2.5" to where the welded area is, which I think would rub if the tire was basically even with the edge of the rim. Has anyone installed wheels with these same specs, and did they fit? I don't want to use spacers, because these wheels are already 1" wider than stock, so pushing them to the outside further will make them stick out too far. And I don't think anyone makes tires that have a low enough profile to fit.
  6. Want to buy a period correct, model specific Front spoiler/air dam for my CB2. Must be in good cond., reasonably priced, and located in US (to keep shipping cost down). Best to contact me directly by email: brcointl at Hotmail.com Thanks
  7. Nope, it was a face lift 2 door and the guy's name is Donnie. This was only 8 months ago.
  8. No I think you are thinking of a different car. The one I saw was brown as I recall, and it was mostly stock, and the guy was the original owner. I'm sure I'll go to some shows, just don't know which ones, or with which cars.
  9. I saw one other car at a show at the Petersen Museum last July. Turns out the owner lives around the block from me, but I haven't seen his car since that day.
  10. I don't think there are that many 1st gen. 626's still running in all of the US.
  11. Ok, I decided to use more force and I managed to pull the lever out. I can hear the flap moving too, yay! It probably could use a little lubrication to operate easier, but it's good for now. I will have to wait until the next time I drive the car to see if that stops the unwanted air flow. Thank you for confirming the operation. And the explanation about the optional A/C makes sense too. Zoom zoom!
  12. Thanks for the pics and description. So you really do pull the lever out or push it in? Mine doesn't seem to go in or out, it only moves to the right (as long as you hold it there). Maybe something is seized up in my car? I don't want to force it too hard and break something (else?). Does yours also move to the right (a little)? What is that function?
  13. So I've been trying to figure out how the Fresh air/Recirculated air switch is supposed to work, but I have been failing miserably. Currently is seems like it's only letting fresh outside air in, because when I'm driving air is coming through the vents even though the fan is switched off. Sometimes I want to be able to switch to Recir. so that no air will come in. There is a lever that says PULL REC. When I try to pull it, it doesn't move (I'm not going to force it). Likewise if I try to push it, it doesn't move. It does however move to the right, but it seems spring loaded, and will always return to the left when I let go. I have tried moving the lever to the right while I have been driving, but nothing seems to change regarding the air flow. Can someone explain if I'm not operating this properly, or if there is a mechanical problem. Unfortunately I didn't get an owners manual, so I can't look this up. Thanks.
  14. I probably would have gone to that show, but I was out of town at that time, as I often am. I was also gone for the JCCS.
  15. The V8 will go in my Opel (it's smog exempt). Not going to do any permanent mods on my 626. And here's a token pic from my phone.
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