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  1. At least you found the issue... mine ended up blowing a head, and she is no more.
  2. I see... that one may have me stumped as well. But definitely have your car checked for exhaust damage... had it not been for me following my gut instinct, I probably still would be trying to figure out why my car sounded and drove rough. My only issue now: finding a ride to go exchange the brand new battery that died.
  3. I understand your frustration... my frustration with the issue was kinda doubled because of the fact that my ES-V6 is a '95, so OBD-I is a real pain to diagnose correctly. I knew for sure the tune-up was needed, but knew something wasn't right with the exhaust just by the sound alone. The next time you start it up, check to see if you smell anything abnormal, such as exhaust fumes around the car instead of in back. If you smell exhaust fumes while at idle, then you most likely have an exhaust leak
  4. I'm guessing it's a vacuum leak of some sort. Mine ended up being an exhaust leak, and I had to have my muffler fixed. It literally sounded like my car was cammed, but I literally had to throw a thermostat, coolant temperature sensor, new plugs and wires, an oil change, AND a thermostat with a replacement housing and new hoses, because the old thermostat housing snapped both bolts off at the heads. It ran like new with the exhaust leak fixed, but I only got one drive back from the muffler shop because the OEM thermostat got stuck closed and almost overheated the day after. That was about seven weeks ago...
  5. And here's more cosmetic goodies I was able to get my hands on: going for a set of 16" '97 Probe GTS chrome wheels and gold badges. The toughest part is going to be finding the chrome centre caps (found three that had gold emblems) and the gold Eternal Flame grille badge... I know, I still have a driver vanity sunvisor, hood, wood dash panelling or wrap, hi-rise spoiler (or trunk equipped as such), seats, redo the headliner, and at least try to find a replacement security system box (she hesitates to lock remotely, meaning sometimes I have to open the trunk and adjust the wiring/tap the box to lock it)
  6. Needing some advice with Old Six. Wanting to know how to wire the fogs with the parking lights, I find it annoying that the fogs only come on with the headlights... thanks in advance.
  7. I'll go ahead and introduce myself, I'm Ty'Eira Marie Morrison. This is my recently acquired Hunter Green Mica Metallic '95 ES-V6 automatic, affectionately named "Old Six". I've had the pleasure of owning this wonderful Mazda for a good seven weeks now, she's starting to show me that I can have faith in a $600 beater with a heater. I had my doubts about jumping into an automatic 626 at first (seeing as how the reputation of them has resulted in the death of most of these cars), but I ABSOLUTELY had to have a GE platform 626 because of the resemblence of the larger '90-'94 929. So far, in my seven weeks of ownership, I've managed to: 1) Replace the broken factory cassette player and dealer-installed in-dash CD changer controller (trunk changer was missing, I believe she told me it was 10-disc) with a working cassette unit from a '96 LX and working in-dash CD player from a '94 ES-V6; 2) Clean up headlights, fog lights, interior, wheels, and paint with a Nu Finish wax job; 3) replace the busted grille and add a factory lip spoiler from a '96 LX, find a replacement passenger sunvisor, order new headliner material, order a 3-button '90s Ford key fob and Mazda Eternal Flame fob case and program it to the factory alarm system, despite the "PANIC" feature being inoperable. Next steps: Tinted windows, Gold emblem package, new hood, fresh paint w/pinstripe removal, "ES" fender decals, '95+ Shogun PGT blades (aluminum or '97 GTS chrome doesn't matter at this point, since I can find either matching centre caps), new Driftwood seats, wood dash panelling, spare manual transmission/parts, hi-rise spoiler w/CHMSL, and hopefully a spare motor just in case (it makes me so sad about not ever being able to get a Euro lip kit, I really like that kit). So far, all she seems to need is valve cover gaskets, a new exhaust system and front suspension work. But I'm growing to love this Mazda more and more every day, I can't wait to move and add a matching Hunter Green Mica Metallic MX-6 LS and a BG Protégé to my fleet (yes, this car has released my inner Mazda enthusiasm). This car has been sort of a lifelong bucket list car, and #2 on my list of dream cars because of how underrated it is and how much potential this car has. I've shown a little bit of the transformation I was able to make, since I'm on the parts hunt for two different cars (also have a '93 Pontiac Grand Am GT Quad 4 High Output Sedan I'm working on restoring). So far, the lip spoiler works with the stock look and wheels, but I want to see what she looks like when done. I'm anxiously awaiting the moment this $600 beaten heap is transformed into a $2000 work of vivid art... and I'm proud thus far to be a part of the 626 community.
  8. So, the coolant temperature sensor causes a rough idle? No wonder I keep having issues after a cold start with my '95 HGM ES. I wondered why it would drive fine at first, then drop back to a rough idle. Thanks for this solution, I changed all the plugs/wires, distributor cap/rotor, cleaned the intake/TB/TPS, the fuel injection system, and Seafomed the old oil before the oil change, the idle was back to normal on a cold start. I let it warm up and BAM! Rough idle, and it struggles to pull hills. I didn't realise that a faulty temp sensor/air in coolant had such an effect on the idle. I know I may have to replace a few more things, it being a '95, but it just baffles me that this small issue affects the drivability of the car. If you're wondering, this is Old Six:
  9. Okay, my name is Ty'Eira Marie Morrison Osteen, I'm from Asheville, NC. Kinda new to the Mazda game, a very interesting departure from my GM N-Body love, but I've always had a thing for the entire Capella/626/Telstar/MX-6/Probe lineup, plus the 323/Familia/Protégé/Escort/Tracer/Laser lineup as well. I'm just glad my first endeavor in the Mazda world involved a GE chassis Hunter Green Mica 626 ES-V6 with 188k on the clock. I'm growing to love this car by the minute (seeing as I just got it Friday), but the one thing I hate about this car is the fact that the Euro bodykit is nonexistent, and will forever be just a sad crushed dream. But otherwise, here's Old Six:
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