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  1. CUB075

    2nd Coupe

    G'day all, Picked up this 2nd 86 626 Turbo Coupe yesterday after a fluke find on Gumtree for $250 ! . Bought it from the original owner and was going to use it for spares for my other identical coupe but this one has all original history with it etc so will use my other car for restoration parts instead. The car has been maintained mechanically up until 2016 and is totally original except for the wheels on it as he swapped them from a wreck he had as the tires were good on these rims. It ran fine without any problems on the 800km journey home, the a/c wasn't working so was a hot trip back... It has high Km's but still runs fine. A tribute to Mazda quality
  2. Thanks mate, nice to be here. If it wasn't for the internet; sourcing parts would never happen out here lol
  3. Hi all, Car: 1986 GC 626 turbo coupe Engine: FET 2.0i 5 Speed Location: Broken Hill (Outback) NSW Name: Chris
  4. Still on the hunt for one of these 86 GC 626 turbo clusters. (KM's odometer) Will paid up to $600 aud dollars for one in excellent working order.
  5. G'day members, Does anyone know if there is any difference between standard and turbo FE cylinder heads? I am going to get the turbo engine rebuilt and have found new complete cylinder heads on the net but there is no indication if they will suit turbo engines. One seller messaged me back and said "all FE heads are the same" but I would rather find out on here first. Cheers
  6. G'day all, I am about to start a full restoration on my 1985 626 , 2.0i Gt Turbo Coupe. The search for new genuine parts has been rather a challenge. The car is totally original and I tend to keep it that way; one part that I have had some trouble finding is the electronic instrument cluster. Not sure if any cars had them here in Australia; just the analogue type. Does any members know where I could track one of these down? Cheers Chris
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