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  1. We have an ultra low mileage 1996 626 with a V6. Can anyone confirm where the Purge Solenoid Valve is in the larger engine? I think we found it, but would love to have confirmation since my son and I aren't exactly experienced mechanics. We've got a P0443 and it is causing us to fail inspection. We're thinking about changing out the valve. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. The sludge isn't a regular thing. We cleaned up what I assume had been years of accumulation. I'm thinking that if the gas tank isn't venting into the vapor canister, then it vents somehow through the cap. And maybe those hydrocarbons venting and evaporating caused the sludge. I feel like I read about that phenomenon somewhere. I dropped the car off with a mechanic this morning for an oil change and possible brake work (I really don't have a good place to do those kinds of maintenance tasks). I asked for him to look over the evaporation system and give his opinion. I'll let you know what he says. By the way, can someone tell me where to find the purge control solenoid on the V6. I'm not sure if I found it or not. The videos online are all showing the 4-cylinder engine. And am I right in assuming that the evaporation canister is also where air ENTERS the gas tank as fuel is used up? If so, maybe the whooshing sound when removing the gas cap is a sign that the issue is in the lines between the tank and the canister (or the canister itself). Thanks again.
  3. I'm a newbie here who recently got my Mom's very low mileage 1996 LX V6 (~36,000 miles). I'm prepping it for my son to use for a short commute during a summer internship. Mostly it works great. After having watched approximately a billion hours of DJ Devon's videos and reading through a gajillion posts on the forum, I still have questions. This is probably because I am an idiot! Anyway, when refueling the car you have to be very gentle at the pump. In addition when removing the gas cap the "woosh" you hear seems pretty long and loud. Finally, there was a good amount of sludge behind the fuel filler door. (Note that the flapper is in place on the filler neck. I'm thinking that this is an issue with the evap system - most probably the evap canister or the purge control valve. I went to diagnose this but the hoses are old and brittle (especially under the clamp from the Tank connection on the canister) and I couldn't work them free. I know I could cut them off, but what do I replace them with? Can I use generic hoses? Should I splice in a new length of hose to replace what I cut away? Or should I just forget about all this...let my son pump gas slowly...keep wiping away the sludge...and let sleeping dogs lie? It has other issues (E-brake not working well, a sometimes clunky shift from 1st to 2nd, and some miscellaneous smells), but overall the car is good. New battery, new tires, good interior, etc. Thanks for this great resource and thanks in advance for any help.
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