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  1. 1984 626 2.0D Swap

    How in the world I get myself into these projects.... SMH I picked up an irwipi (it ran when I parked it), a 1984 Diesel 626 on Thursday. I have a 1988 Mazda B2000 that needs a motor. Perfect. I'm going to swap them. If anyone needs whats left of this 626, its on the Central Coast of CA. Side saddle to prop swap. Ive gleaned some information from others that the clutch itself does not swap. Its rumored that a 1990 Kia has the clutch I need. Can anyone verify this? Wiring Harness and ECM. I painstakingly removed the harness. all the relays, fuse block and other necessary items. I could not find the ECM.... i researched it and found that it was somewhere under the dash. I was unable to find any other information. I found a module, under the carpet, but it was very small and it said NGK spark plug company????? It was bolted to a zinc plate so I thought SWEET, I found it. I removed the plate and..... it was just a plate, there was no ECM attached to it. The motor is out and turns.... I'll replace the timing belt and all the others before I fire it. I'll pull the vacuum pump for the brakes on the pickup. The questions.... Did I simply over look the ECM somewhere?? Are the fuel lines and tank needing to be transplanted as well? Thanks in advance. I'll post pics later