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  1. Ok so I cleaned the throttle Body and The IAC cleaned up nice verified that it was working properly with volt meter and apply voltage reinstalled did new gas filter and the gas regulator valve while I was there , put it all together made sure there where no leaks and I still get the same results the car run fines until you put the heat on or try to put the windows up or down at a stop and this only happens when in driving the car at a stop not in park sitting in the yard , really need some help here as this is our only car at the moment and just can,t figure it out , my friend said check transmition fluid level or egr valve , some help please as I am out of work so money is tight and can,t keep spending money only to have the same issue thanks for your time
  2. ya i tried that 1 already didn't help my problem i think it's iac but with all the snow and cold here in r.i. i have to wait to get the iac off the car and try the cleaning or replacement thanks for your time i was looking for the post that explained exactly how to do the iac cleaning and taking apart i saw it on here but now can't find it again thanks for your time john in r.i.
  3. i have a 99 Mazda 626 4 cyl that i got from a neighbor whose mom passed the car has 72000 original miles sat in the garage for 2 years before i got from her. I did the usual stuff you should do on a car that has been sitting, battery belts wires plugs gaskets filters added a ground wire to the car and the battery as i saw the factory one was rather cheesy and connected to the right side motor mount why they do that who knows ect All of a sudden when we use the heater or power windows the car wants to stall out rpms drop not that the car stalls as it doesn't Also noticed that after warm up the cars rpms are 500 rpms seems kind of low to me i saw a post about the exact same problems with directions and links on how to fix this step by step but can't seem to find it now that i've joined the group ,something about an iac and the plunger maybe be stuck or carboned out? and the map censor( i already cleaned that) Yes i did clean the map sensor and yes i did use map censor cleaner that helped for about a week Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks for your time John B in R.I.