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  1. New distrubitor but no spark

    I haven't yet... Thinking maybe I got a bad distributor.. The coil on the distrbutor is not putting out the right amps.. Also when I got it I open the box and the 3 prong plus was cracked that comes off the coils,. So I have no idea.. I have checked my fuses, timing belt, some relays, and still no spark.. The distributor is turning when I'm crank it over.. I have 12 volts to the 3 prong plug so I have power the but no spark... Even if it jumped time would think u would at least get spark but I'm still at a stand still with it
  2. I have a 1995 mazda 626 2.0L .it ran for a long time no problems at all.. One night went to go get stuff from the store ..after driven it all day I started it up ran for about 10 second then died. No checked the fuel presure it was good.. Next was the spark.. Well no spark.. I replaced the distributor and still no spark.. Were else do I look..Oh another thing the check engine was never on.. Well since it died now it's on.. I tryed using the paper clip trick and my light pauses for a second blinks 2 Times. Pauses blink 2 more Times and pauses and just keep blinking 2 Times each..