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    Wiring Diagrams

    No wiring diagram or additional technical info became available last week, so I had to figure it out myself. The diagram in my previous post is incorrect for a European diesel-engined 626. Behind the right headlamp on an easily accessible metal bracket, one can find the low-beam, high beam, and horn relays, in that order counting from the fender inwards. There's also a fourth relay on this bracket but I did not determine what it was for (might be for rear window defroster). There are two 15A mini fuses, one for both low beams, and the other for both high beams, on the opposite side
  2. prantl

    Wiring Diagrams

    Car is a 2001 626 DITD, LHD, 4-door sedan. The headlamps, low and high on both sides stopped working a couple of days ago. Tail lights and front position lights (W5W bulbs in high-beam reflector) work fine with headlamp stalk switch in Park, and On positions. I found and checked fuses under the hood, a huge 40A next to the battery positive terminal, and two mini 15A near the left strut tower. Checked bulbs (continuity test OK, and jumpering red wire to positive battery terminal lights them up), and bulb grounds. The most frustrating thing is that there's no main/central fuse a
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