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  1. 1984 diesel Mazda for sale - wants a home . Registered , currently driven , white, dent in rear boot but boot shuts / locks ok. Some parts also available , reconditioned head, fuel injectors . Rare Australian - made diesel mazda - one of very few actually made in Australia for Australian conditions. Full service records. Only rust on car is on boot dent. Any offers ? J Napier Riverton South Australia email phone 0421 872 712 SMS only please prefer email contact
  2. aust made mazda diesel 626 1984 sedan GC10 F1 model

    Thanks Phillip for your input much appreciated. I will get cracking re posting extra details and extra pics etc.. And will holler if I need help with Facebook etc. here is what I do know without running off to get details -- I am country - mid north. Riverton which is on Burra interstate Hwy [south of Clare , north of Gawler] Car has approx. just over 670,000 ks on the clock. Plenty of guts, she surprises me actually. Is with the garage doc right now [tonight A/Hrs] having the starter motor swapped with a good working spare that I had [but had forgotten about]. Manual 6 speed Full service history from new 1984 to the present . I bought it 7 years ago from a mechanic -close friend - in immaculate but old condition [it was his personal car - wife had the classy latest Maz.] Car looks a well used and a bit battered workhorse - used for all manner of transporting stuff - rocks for landscaping et al. I think she has had fun with me , meeting my challenges, a happy car. Dented but still lockable boot is courtesy of oddly placed farm corner post. I have a replacement boot to fit but is green - needs to be painted. Tyres are fair - worn but still roadworthy. I will load up extra pics tomorrow. Cheers JN
  3. aust made mazda diesel 626 1984 sedan GC10 F1 model

    Thank you for your reply. I will get some pics uploaded, tho am not sure how on this website. Done it ! I actually don't have the room to keep her, once I get another car - I live on a small town block. How do I put her on club registration ?. Can I post a for sale notice in this club for any who might be interested , even just for parts ?? The boot has a small dent in it now, I backed into a fence post. But I have a good boot to fit / replace this dented one - its green - needs to be repainted white.
  4. what to do with this still functional 1984 diesel Mazda 626 GC10 F1 model - buying a new car, but I dont want to send this to the wreckers. Am too fond of her. She is white. Still works, lots of power, but a bothersome starter motor that needs a tap now and then [stuck brushes] Has a dented boot [still locks] but have a spare boot to fit . some minor scratches. Other parts available ie re-conditioned head, spare Alternator and fuel injector pumps. [ I have to look again as to which]. Will anyone reply to this - ideas ? suggestions ??. Does anyone want to restore or buy the car for parts. Interior suffers some sun damage and brittle centre console.