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  1. 2001 2.5 Intake Manifold removal

    Don't know if you already checked the "how to" section yet, but there is a 12mm bolt that is next to impossible to visually see. If you have a small inspection mirror it will help greatly but I just felt around until I found it. Hope that helps!
  2. Hello all! I'm new to this forum but hoping someone has encountered the same issue I am having. While replacing leaking valve cover gaskets on my 2000 626 2.5l with 117,000 miles. I was horrified when I took off the first cover and found burnt/sludge oil approx. 1/8" thick in and on all surfaces of the valve assembly. I now have some major concerns about the engine getting lubricated properly. About a month ago the coolant reservoir cracked and the engine slightly overheated for a very short time. I am fairly certain this is what caused the sludging but never in all of my years have I seen it so bad. Has anyone else encountered this and any recommendations on how to clean/remove it? I thank you in advance for any and all suggestions!