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  1. Valves were fine. Got a used head from pick a part and installing it today. Praying it solves the issue....
  2. So I'm working on a 2000 626 2.5l that had severe oil sludging. Engine ended up being starved of oil and the exhaust camshaft on the front head (2,4,6) froze up and tore up the bearing journals. Did a compression check and zero on all 3 cylinders. Rear cylinders are fine so I'm getting a used head today and hoping it solves the zero compression issue. I have never done a compression test where the needle didn't even budge. I put oil in the cylinders and still zero. Inspected the head and nothing looks like it would cause zero compression. Any thoughts? Idea's? Timing is correct so I'm kinda stumped......
  3. Don't know if you already checked the "how to" section yet, but there is a 12mm bolt that is next to impossible to visually see. If you have a small inspection mirror it will help greatly but I just felt around until I found it. Hope that helps!
  4. Hello all! I'm new to this forum but hoping someone has encountered the same issue I am having. While replacing leaking valve cover gaskets on my 2000 626 2.5l with 117,000 miles. I was horrified when I took off the first cover and found burnt/sludge oil approx. 1/8" thick in and on all surfaces of the valve assembly. I now have some major concerns about the engine getting lubricated properly. About a month ago the coolant reservoir cracked and the engine slightly overheated for a very short time. I am fairly certain this is what caused the sludging but never in all of my years have I seen it so bad. Has anyone else encountered this and any recommendations on how to clean/remove it? I thank you in advance for any and all suggestions!
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