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  1. Well, you boys definitely know your stuff. I've got a FS-DE motor in mine, only done 32k miles though! Yes, I've heard the Auto Xmsn is the weak point on the 626. Both the C4DE and its predecessor are prone to overheating (was changed to C4DE to fix this problem - but just as bad). Luckily the old boy who owned my car previously, had an external Xmsn Cooler fitted. Regular Xmsn fluid change should prevent damage anyway. Mazda released technical service bulletins (0400502, 01598, 003/97k, 006/95) to address these issues. Still a fricken good motor!
  2. Hey all, I have a 626 Mk.V (1998) GXi auto with a faulty aerial (manual pull-out, not-powered). Trying to replace with an aftermarket one, but the aerial mount is a very unusual size. With the 2x screw fixings over 60mm apart I cannot find an aftermarket aerial mount to cover these existing mount holes from the elements. have searched on google/ebay, etc without any luck. Any shared experience, websites/suppliers of decent aerial mounts would be appreciated. thanks, - Mario
  3. I've had many cars over last 20 years; Fiats, Fords, Skoda, Saab, Toyota, Citroen and Hyundai. None can match the Mazda 626 I've recently brought (1998 GXI 2L auto). It's nice to own another car that was over-engineered and build quality that modern cars just don't have (production costs probably being the main reason). Used to have a Toyota Avensis of same year and had similar build quality to 626. Awesome motor.
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