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  1. Protege motor question

    cool. thank you for the reply. it really is a fun little thing. wish I was running the running the rest of the ze parts but there long gone now
  2. Protege motor question

    hello everyone im new to the group... so here is my question regarding my 01 protege es 2.0l which i am sure a topic of shun in a 626 forum. lol i received a protege with a broken timing belt a few years ago that needed a motor so i purchased a Japaneses exchange motor. when inspecting the motor it was clear that it was not in us trim (had a tri y header and intake that did not have vics or vtcs) as well as having the fsh9 and fsd7 cams for the exhaust and intake respectively and having 220psi cylinder pressure during a compression test. so i used my intake and exhaust and installed the motor. ran really good other then having to run premium to avoid ping. fast forward a few year and i'm certain i am having head gasket issues and am wondering if there is any difference in the heads between the fs-ze motor that i believe is in my car and the other 2.0l fs motors. and if there is a difference what will it hurt other then the power to run a different such head. not trying to build the motor to be anything more then it is right now because it is merely a daily driver that is likely to get passed down to my best friend sister in a year. just want it reliable for me and her alike.