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  1. Pops 626 needs a home

    169,600 but the speedo cable snapped last year...heard it going (Squeaking and jerky needle) and SNAP Its an Auto but the real draw is the Straight body and no rust! I also have a pair of rebuilt axels in the boxes never used that someone could have for just the postage as they will end up in the scrap too. If I was getting rid of the old GTI on the VW site (The Vortex) I would have guys fighting in my back yard for it. I guess VW owners are more cultish
  2. Pops 626 needs a home

    Still available to anyone local to me! JY says drive it over and they will give me $125.......haha sporting of them. Anyone else want it for the same price??
  3. Hi, I have an 86 626 2 door that my dad bought new and its never been in an accident. He's been gone 15 years but I kept it in good running order but now being over 70 myself and the car failing a smog test I find I must sell it to a junk yard or ....? The car drives fine & body is straight with no rust. This is just a shot in the dark as I hate to see another old car destroyed for scrap. I curently have an 83 VW GTI (I bought new) and a 2016 VW GTI and to tell the truth the 83 gets the Nod! I am located in Pasadena Cal No doubt this will be pulled but I figured I owed it to the car to take a shot. Lots of good useable parts on her!