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  1. So I got the transmission out and going to get the replacement (Used) next weekend... for 212K the motor mounts look awesome and even the clutch looks great too but replacing it any way Dan
  2. Well the Clutch came in today.. Now it time to start pulling everything apart and go get the transmission next weekend.. Dan
  3. if you have a part # I might have one on MazdaWarehouse.com Dan
  4. So I got this 2001 626 with 82K (2.0L) about 9 years ago or so.. this car was bought from the original owner and came with a stack of dealer invoices.. So this car was defiantly takes care of.. I have been grateful that this car has not needed anything major till now..the most work I have done this far was shocks and struts\Springs along with CV axles as they were complaining at 160K had 2 timing belts done and lost count at how many oil changes and it gets a tune up every august as it starts to run a little funny at that time. So again I am grateful that I have not got a lemon like my 1st 626.. I would like to replace it with a 4X4 B-Series but my budget wort allow that for at least another 2 years, So off I go and time to do a repair This time its Transmission time.. it is a 5-speed (wife repellent L0L :)) as its stuck in reverse.. it has been almost 20 years since I have pulled a FWD transmission and the last one I did was on a 83 GLC so any tips would be great as I will be doing this one on my own.. I have the rear main seal and all the transmission oil seals on order and of coarse another clutch kit. the used transmission is on standby at a local Mazda wrecking yard . this car will be getting its 3rd clutch kit as the 1st one was done at 50K as the original owner was teaching his wife how to drive a stick.. So any tips or tricks to make this job easy will be much appreciated.. Dan
  5. another one has arrived.. this time this one was hit in the front.. the radiator is next to the block.. So let me know what you are looking for.. there is also an 91 Sedan as well Dan
  6. if this goes to the throttle body I have them in stock http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mazda-Throttle-body-Hose-Water-Coolant-Set-New-1998-2003-/230985467097?fits=Model%3A626&vxp=mtr&hash=item35c7ce84d9 Dan
  7. would this be for the CV axles?? what is the part # as I may have a few on hand.. Dan
  8. Where is the Rust?? I know that a bad word for the early 626's but I have not seen one with out any rust since the early 1990's Dan
  9. if you are wanting anything let me know as this will be 3feet thick (Crushed) by November 1st.. I can grab parts and powder coat them too if you are looking at dressing anything up.. Dan
  10. you know it funny I picked up a used one with linkage and have it listed and in the last 8months I have gotten in 4 Semi trailers (54feet long each) and got 15 of these motors.. So in the next few weeks they will be hitting ebay as well Neat thing is there are NEW in Mazda boxes.. Dan
  11. Sorry Nothing on my end.. Sorry.. Time for you to go "down under" for the parts this time.. Dan
  12. used ones you can find on eBay or wrecking yard is your best option... I will be doing a quick runn on Saturday morning to my local wrecking yard I grab it if there is one there.. Dan
  13. let me see what I can come up with.. Never know I might have it and not know it yet.. Dan
  14. dan atkins


    Interesting analogy.. L0L. Depends on who is doing the wiping, you so some one else??. Now time to go and burn that part of the mind so I don't see that again.. L0L.. yes this thread went there,,LoL Dan
  15. what is the Mazda part#?? out of a total of 4 54foot semi containers I am sure I have one or more.. these containers I have bought are all new parts with a lot that have not been available for a long time.. Dan
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