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  1. Looking to buy the chime unit for the door / ignition / etc sounds for an '83 Mazda 626 LX. Mechanic says mine is dead, though it's still hooked up inside the car. I know people used to hate these things...so maybe you won't mind selling me yours? Let me know; thanks!
  2. Trying to find it - any help appreciated!
  3. Disable "key-in/acc" Chime

    This is a good write-up, but I'm actually looking for a chime unit for my `83. So very 80s!
  4. Happy 626 Day 2017

    I think I missed this day, but celebrating it anyway!
  5. Thank you! And that's the route I'm going to go. I was initially confused because every source I contacted about doing this told me, "No, it can't be done". I'm now realizing that, "No, it can't be done" probably means: "No, it can't be done because my database is telling me it won't work", or... "No, I can't sell you standard shocks for this application because I don't want to be responsible if anything goes wrong." How about the other parts associated with the struts? Do I need to use the old ones which came with the electronic ones, or can I swap those with standard parts as well?
  6. Thank you! Follow-up question: my car originally has the auto-adjustable shock option (buttons on the dash). Can I use shocks which don't adjust electrically / automatically? (I don't care if the auto-adjust system doesn't work; I just need to replace these worn-out shocks.) EDIT: One shop has since told me that non-adjustable shocks will, in fact, NOT work. Anyone have possible solutions?
  7. Hi folks. I live in California and just got ahold of an `83 626 LX automatic. It needs shocks. What are my options? So far, having trouble sourcing them. Also, any other tips for a n00b you might have re: this car would be much appreciated. Thanks for any help in advance!