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  1. Lowered price to $2000. Realy want this to go to an enthusiast rather than someone who'll beat it up!
  2. So, I'll start this off at Mazda's North American Headquarters: Not a sunny day, but still a happy car. Sitting pretty. Brand-new ties, and also a recent front-end brake job: The most expensive thing done to the car since I've had it is the suspension. Some specialists in SoCal put together shocks and parts that worked to replace the electronic originals: Southern California car its entire life, going by the history: The ALF bumper sticker could use a refresh: Looking good down this side too: Step back into 1983 i
  3. Yup, pictures are on their way. I will post them here.
  4. Coupe, located in southern california. Can supply pictures on request. New brakes & tires, rebuilt a/c. Cosmetic wear, but a pretty good looker for her age. Message me if interested and make an offer - thanks!
  5. Okay - good feedback. I thought this might be the case. I'm happy with it as is, but was wondering...
  6. I believe it's a 2.0L (non-turbo). Has a carb & automatic transmission. See picture. Not looking to "go crazy" & don't want to ruin the original motor (only has 58K miles!). Just looking to see if there's anything I can bolt onto this thing to improve performance. If you have suggestions, let me know part makes & sources; thank you very much!
  7. Update: After 3 new starters, 2 new battery cables, and a new "ignition safety" switch on the shifter (whatever keeps it from starting in drive), here's where I'm at: Car starts okay sometimes, sometimes won't. When it doesn't, I twist the key while shifting it into neutral - then it starts. Remember, switch on shifter has already been replaced. What do you think? A short, maybe?
  8. Hi! Here's the scenario: *Sometimes starts perfectly. *Sometimes, when turning key to start after all emergency lights come on, nothing happens and all lights go out. *Turning key to ACC after this happens makes a rapid clicking sound. But everything else dark, no start. *Trying again and again might eventually get the car to start, without the emergency lights ever coming on. *Car has brand new starter, and was doing the same thing before starter replaced. Any ideas appreciated!
  9. Car is a 1983 626 LX coupe 2.0. While I'm stopped at a light, the steering column vibrates a lot, as does the engine hood. Engine doesn't sound rough, idle doesn't seem high. Is this normal? Is there anything I should check which would normally damper the vibration (like engine mounts)? Thanks for any advice. :)
  10. Thank you for this advice - I'll definitely give it a try and report back once I do. :)
  11. Both of the doors on my 1983 626 coupe are having trouble with the door catches. It takes a good slam to close them. Car has never been in an accident, so I'm 100% sure it's the latches. What do you do to make them work better? I've tried lubrication...
  12. Has anyone ever had their "IC Warning System" fail? (I have an 83 626 LX) If you did and you wanted to repair it, what did you try? It's still hooked up, but silent.
  13. Looking to buy the chime unit for the door / ignition / etc sounds for an '83 Mazda 626 LX. Mechanic says mine is dead, though it's still hooked up inside the car. I know people used to hate these things...so maybe you won't mind selling me yours? Let me know; thanks!
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