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    1981 mazda 626 2.0 coupe manual
  1. 1981 2.0 trunk opener problem

    thank you ı fix the boot opener now ı have a bigger problem some of the spots is rusted on floor pan any way the find replecment or ı should patch it
  2. 1981 2.0 trunk opener problem

    thank you for your help ı'll check it tomorrov again
  3. 1981 2.0 trunk opener problem

    hi every body yesterday ı checked my trunk opener button cable and mechanism is working ı checked them seperetly probably relay is not working ı cand find the relay table or any relay any boyd know where is the relays of this car my car is 1981 626 coupe 2.0 manuel thankyou
  4. hi from turkey

    yes u are right actually ı am the 3. owner this car came from belgim
  5. parts for sale '81 626 s.e melb

    is there any part left ı need a taillight lens right side and some other stuf
  6. Indicator sound but no indicating

    ıhave a similar sound inmy car when ı turnd the key sound starts but ı canf find where its coming from
  7. hi from turkey

    hi all ı found this forum while searching for parts for my 1981 mazda 626 2.0 coupe recently ı found this car and cant resist to buy it cause ı've never seen one before in turkey so now ı own this and gonna restore and keep it here is a picture of my mazda and dodge behind it