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  1. 6 March 2019. There I was, just minding my own business. Sitting on the road, indicators and brake on, just waiting for traffic to clear so I could turn Right. Bang! Crunch! Screech! She was "Distracted". Yeah, right. On her damn phone we suspect. Although it is just a suburban street rated at 50 km/h she was doing well over that when she hit. Look at the damage she caused. So Insurance paid it out, couldn't possibly fix it. By now it is at UPullit or another yard. Today we bought another 1992 626, sedan this time. Feels so good to be back in a nice car though we have work to do, radio, clean seats, roof lining etc. 2 things I want to do this time and fairly soon. A Double DIN GPS mapping radio and a dual view Camera. Suggestions and Recommendations welcomed.
  2. Hi there, a new owner of a 1992 626 Hatch. We just love this car, such a pleasure to drive. Pictures are up on my profile. Bought it through Gumtree, $400! Had a bad transmission they said. We took the chance. Our mechanic friend was able to replace the gasket without removing the trans or any other body parts. Runs as sweet as. Now working up to getting a Major Service as it had previously been "cared" for by KMart Tyre and Auto. Yeah, such care. When they had apparently been looking at the trans they just put it all back and said nothing can be done but replacement. 7 of the bolts were only hand-tight! Yeah. Impressed. I undid them with my fingers. I have to replace the antenna innards as it has somehow broken inside the motor housing and won't raise or lower the antenna. Not urgent. Although I have the Owners Manual I'm not sure what they call this level of fit-out or what was included with the car as new. How can I find that out? Wondering what the blank black plastic plugs on the dash are for? Are they for fog lights or driving lights or things like that? That could be handy. Any other suggestions for reasonable mods to make this better?
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