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    2000 626 I4 auto
  1. rough idle

    **** Update ***** I have finally solved the issue! It ended up being the old valve cover gasket. I changed it and now it idles smoothly!
  2. rough idle

    I have the exact same problem, Fwain. I have tried adjusting the AC Freon levels, replacing motor mounts, cleaning the throttle, iac valve, and MAF sensor, changing the spark plugs and wires, and running seafoam. All to no avail, but I am going to try a grounding kit that's on the way.
  3. Hello there!

    Thank you very much
  4. Show off your 626

    Here's my 2000 626 i4 2.0l
  5. Hello there!

    Here's a picture of my baby.
  6. Hello there!

    Hello everyone! My name is Steven. I'm from Miami, Fl and I've had a 2000 Mazda 626 i4 2.0l for about 5 years now. I absolutely love driving it and I always get compliments on how well it handles. I've recently started doing some work on it and i would love to share my experiences and learn from all of yours!