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  1. My bad, I got mixed up with our conversation. I think I was drunk that time. I apologize for what happened, it's my bad.
  2. XeNoMoprh I'm not a bot. I'm just asking out of nowhere because I'm also from New Jersey.
  3. I tried dealing with Vehicle Junkyards before and they know everything.
  4. Hey Rotated, Is that Mazda your car? You should take good care of that baby. It's really beautiful!
  5. I really like the design of you rims
  6. Welcome! I'm also from New Jersey, what part of New Jersey you are from?
  7. Hi Rotated, what is the model of the white one with the plate number 74687-H? Hi
  8. Nice and well-maintained car. You really know to take good care of your baby!
  9. Hi guys! I'm the newest member of the crew!
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