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  4. asji89

    DIY Car Body Painting

    Hey guys, forgive me if i am posting in wrong section. Well, if your car's paint is looking dingy and faded then a DIY car paint could save you thousands of dollars. I am sharing a source which will give you step by step methods for painting your car and give your car a brand new look. Here is the video presentation of DIY Auto body painting, check out once http://bit.ly/diycarpaintvideo.
  5. asji89

    Mazda 626 2000 won't start

    Sell it off, hehe, Well i am just joking. Actually, i did and listed the details at http://www.autozin.com/for-sale/96-mazda-626, anu buyer is welcome. I know this is not the right section to post but i am new here and thought not allowed there.
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    1988 Mazda 626

    Great looking.
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    Happy 626 Day 2017

    Was late for attending the party.
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    Hello from the great lakes!

    Awesome looking, i liked it.
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    Welcome to the forum mate.
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    Welcome, and nice pic.
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    Nice car.
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    Hi from Brisbane

    Nice forum for getting every information regarding parts and sale.
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    Yeah, its a great community.
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    Hello everyone from Marchlin Pinazo

    Great to see you here.