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  1. Idle issues, jump in RPM

    So I have a Mazda 626 Automatic 4 banger. Just replaced the IAC and Fuel Pump because they were both bad and causing issues with the car. Now whenever I start the car it goes normally but then revs up to 3000ish RPM's before dropping to the porper 700, it also does this when going from Park to Drive or vice versa. The problem though is it also does it every 24-32 seconds, I havent gotten to experience it at high speeds because I havent driven it in the past two days since the repair. My brother in law recommended the TPS(Throttle Positioning Sensor) being the issue but I figureed I should also come here for any other ideas/tips or the like. TIA PS. After the initial drop after starting the car if you apply too much or too little gas the car will sputter out and die.