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  1. Random engine stalls

    01 mazda 626 2.0 atx Hey guys i have read a bunch of the forum posts here throughout the proccess of putting an engine in my 626 and you guys are always super helpful! im a new member and need yalls opinions. I just put a salvaged engine into this 626. It has all new gaskets, seals, and fluids now. It will start right up every time,The problem is after it starts it will idle normal (700rpm) and seem fine for a minute. But then randomely the engine will shake a little and the rpms drop down to like 300 and it will almost stall but then start running normal again. And it doesn't do it all the time, pretty sporadically and really just randomely. Then i test drove it around the block and sonetimes when i come to a stop to turn or stopsign it will almost stall and die. Unlike while idling it isn't as random, it almost stalled probably 2/10 times i stopped. Also dont think its related but brakes seem to be extremely stiff And hard to push. They work, just have to really mash down the pedal. Also there's no codes being thrown. Any suggestions? Thanks