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    Mazda 626 2.0l gf 1997 115hp
  1. 626 16v. Full throttle slower than 3/4

    Okay thanks for the answers. Im will try to remove the catalytic converter and see if it helps.
  2. 626 16v. Full throttle slower than 3/4

    Yes. I should try ride without it and see If the problem has solved? And yes in Finland :D.But I think that its working somehow because emission test was successful.
  3. 98 626 2.0 manual idle problem

    It could be lambda sensor. Have you tried to clean it up?
  4. I have had this problem a while. But now it's starts to annoy me. When I accelerate with full throttle, it sounds like its going to choke, but it wont. With full throttle it goes 80km/h(49mph) max. Engine runs smoothly so I dont think that there is any problem with the spark. With 3/4 thorttle it goes with full power smoothly but is hard to get that right spot. it could be petrol filter but dont know because with the right throttle you will get full power (90% of time Im driving all by my self so dont know what happens with bigger load). The point is that everything is normal works like normal but hard to accelerate fast.
  5. 2.0l 115hp different tightening torques.

    I am really sorry but I meant 1997, I forgot to add the car model year.
  6. Hi, im changing piston rings and now my problem is that I don't find the tightening torques of cylinder head and connecting rod. If someone do know them, I could continue my process. :)