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    1995 Mazda 626 Kronus 6 Cyl Manual

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  1. I replaced my muffler, but no other repairs were made. I also did as advised: 1. Disconnected battery 2. Depressed brake pedal for 10 seconds 3. Re-connected battery Now, there are no codes flashing at all when I engage the jump wire. The engine light does work and can be seen when the car starts. Shouldn't there be an 'all clear' code that flashes when no problem codes are encountered? I thought that I read somewhere it was 111, but my memory could be failing me. When the jump wire is engaged, should there be any flashing codes (even if no problem is detected)?
  2. I wonder if someone can help me with the OBD-I code for my 1995 Mazda 626 Kronus 6-Cyl Manual. My Check Engine light has been coming on for about 60 seconds before disappearing every so often. It does not stay lit. I have been to the dealership twice and they found nothing on their code readers. They suggested that I go back when the light is on, so that they can grab a reading. The intermittent nature of the light makes this an impossibility. The only option was to try and grab the code while the Engine Light is lit. I tried to do this today, when it was lit. I do not know if I grabbed it successfully or if it had already disappeared by the time I managed to get the jump wire into the OBD-I outlet. I followed the instructions on how to Jump-connect the OBD-I reader and made this quick video of my Check Engine light. (Sorry that it is sideways.) I cannot tell what the light/code is telling me. It seems to be two long, three short, two long, four short, three short. Can anyone shed light on what this code is? I think that the original cause for the light to appear had already disappeared and that this is an 'all-clear' code, but it does not seem to correspond to any of the codes listed. Any help would be appreciated.