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  1. cheers, i'll check them out. I'm in Brisbane
  2. wow thanks for that, that site looks amazing
  3. Cheers for that, I'll give them a try, either way i'm not too fussed, it just needs to be replaced because it's been broken for a while
  4. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know where to get engine parts for these old 626's? I think i need new piston rings, valve rubbers and probably some Gaskets. My old girl ran a little long between services a few years ago and as a result ran pretty dry for a while (i forgot to check, yes i know how stupid/bad that was) now she smokes a lot which burns a lot of oil. it's also developed a transmission fluid leak. So i'm wandering if anyone knows anywhere to get good parts from because i haven't been able to find anything yet. Cheers
  5. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but i couldn't post in the regular buy/trade sell section. I'm after a left side tail light cover for a 1981 626. I'm in Brisbane Aus, if anyone can help. cheers
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm Jun from Brisbane, Queensland. I have a 1981 626 4 door sedan 2.0L automatic. Super basic version no bells and whistle's. I got it from my great grandmother as my first car when she went into a nursing home but it has been owned by a few people in my family since new. It's got about 90 000km on it and is just an awesome car, i love how simple and smooth it is! I joined up because i was searching for parts (which is impossible) and found this site which had some really good info so yeah, keen to get some help with some bits and pieces. cheers
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