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  1. Its not visible with both the head unit and DIN pocket installed (or head unit and CD player), but there's a divider thats a part of the dash that splits the space into two single DIN slots. However you can probably dremel it off, after which it should fit. You will need the plug for the stereo however - late 90's onwards Mazdas used a different plug. You can get one off any 97 onwards 323, 626, etc. Honestly though, for around $100 (here in Australia anyway) you can get a brand new head unit with an AUX input, USB, bluetooth, etc that will be infinitely better than one of these, that with around $40 or so of harnesses will be plug and play with the 626 and avoid having to hack up the 626's loom.
  2. Welcome back. Glad to hear you're still playing around with 626's. Your YouTube videos have been particularly helpful while fixing mine up.
  3. My 626 used to do this, and I found that tapping the top of the dash would usually get them to come back on again. Pulling the instrument cluster out and reseating the connections going to the back of it resolved the problem for me. Just be careful pulling the instrument cluster surround out - in my experience the plastic these days is EXTREMELY brittle, the surround that my 626 came with was broken, and I've broken my fair share trying to remove them from cars at the wreckers.
  4. So, just an update - haven't done anything to the car recently, still haven't gotten around to putting the new rocker covers on yet - other tthings came up and that'll be happening next year. One thing I have done though, is to take it to the Mighty Car Mods Nationals here in Sydney a couple of weeks ago. Was an absolutely epic day, right from the start when after the regular track parking filled up, they started opening up the garages, so the Madaz got VIP garage parking :) It got a couple of runs around the track, I will admit - it does have a fair bit of understeer (not surprising, given it is a FWD V6 after all), but otherwise I couldn't have been much happier with how it went. Some pics of it: A few months ago when I had the dog incident the surround for the passenger's side foglight came loose, I always thought it had broken, and had been on the prowl for one ever since. I was going to take it off since I was worried that it might cause problems going through scrutineering, thankfully when I took the foglight out I found it clips on, rather than screwing on like I thought, and all I had to do was to bend the clip back into place. Its fine now. :) Very happy :) I also got to meet Marty and Moog (again, they actually recognise me now because I've met them at so many events which is awesome!), got my photo taken with them, and got invited up on stage to do the MCM quiz. When I was waiting in pit lane for my second go on the track they came up and opened the passenger door and gave me mad props for taking the 626 on the track. So awesome. Recently I learnt on a Facebook group I'm on that the chrome door handles and handbrake button from a Protege will fit, and look awesome. Went to Pick 'n' Payless and got some today, they need a bit of a touch up but they'll be going in sometime in January and I think they'll add a nice touch of class to the interior. Also got a cruise control acutuator off a 2001 GF with only 130,000 km...really hoping this might solve my cruise control issue. I'd love to have working cruise control. At some point around January/February its also going to be due for a new timing belt. I've never done a timing belt before so that'll be something to look forward to!
  5. I have to agree with you there. I'm on a few forums, both car and tech related and have noticed that over the last couple of years especially there's nowhere near as much activity on forums as there was say, 10 - 15 years ago. Its a shame, because I personally prefer forums, not to mention that with information on forums staying up for pretty much the life of the forum, it makes doing research on stuff easier.
  6. GT-FE3 - does yours definitely have a C4DE? Interesting - I thought it was only American 626's that ended up with it.
  7. Yep, I have to agree with you. My 626 was in rough shape when I first got her, and had seen a lot of abuse in the hands of its previous owners. The car needed a fair bit of work to get it to where it is now, but I really have to give credit to the engineers at Mazda for building an engine that can take so much abuse.
  8. Just it it with a hammer! Bit of a backstory - about a month and a half ago I had to replace the alternator in my 626. The thing that slowed me down most of all was the blasted locknut on the tensioner for the alternator belt. Ended up having to cut the belt in order to get the car apart. Once I removed the alternator, and the tensioner I found that the nut had been molested to all Hell (much like the rest of the car when I first got it), had been rounded enough to roll down a hill. Ended up having to force the new belt into place with everything reassembled. Not recommended I know...though at the time it was the only way I was going to get the car back on the road. Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago, the wrecker I go to got a Eunos 30X, which I grabbed the entire tensioner bracket assembly from. Once again, the nut was frozen solid, though I grabbed the assembly since the nut was in much better shape than the nut on mine. I've been trying to get it un-done mostly with a combination of brute-force, and drowning it in WD-40. Finally tonight i gave the damn thing a few good hits with a hammer, and went hell for leather on it with the breaker bar. Finally got the bastard! During the alternator replacement process I nicknamed that locknut the "Nemesis Nut"...rather proud of myself at the moment :)
  9. Looks nice. Nice to see some Telstar love...it seems that here in Australia few people seem to care about old Telstars and 626's....about 9 months ago I actually came across a GD at the wreckers that looked like a complete time warp. Looked like it had the original paint, panels were all perfect, interior was like a new car. If I had the money and space for another car I probably would've made an offer for the whole thing and saved it.
  10. Beautiful. I love the 323's - they've mostly disappeared from the roads here in Australia, and before they vanished the majority of them looked like they were stuffed.
  11. It was actually an injection system, though I don't think it had been installed/maintained properly. I'll have to have a look for the cabin filter. i had a productive day at the wreckers today, scored some red rocker covers from a Eunos 30X. They need a good clean but they're going to look mad.
  12. Nice score on the Mazdaspeed badge, also like the rims, they suit the car. I always thought that the GFs that we got seem meh at best compared to the GE. In Australia the GE was marketed (and priced) towards the same sort of people who bought Calais and Fairmonts. The GF on the other hand, was targeted at people who bought Camrys and Magnas. The lower end GF's in Australia didn't even have cruise control. And I don't think we got the third row seat either.
  13. Looks rather tidy. I love the body kit, makes the GF we got in Australia look rather boring in comparison. The Japanese get all the good stuff.
  14. I'd say once up on a time, with the idea of saving money. LPG used to be rather cheap, and easily available here, and back in the 2000's there was a big government rebate available for LPG installations, making it very cheap to convert your car to LPG. Over the years I've heard all kinds of wonderful things about gas and really wanted to believe it...but given how unhappy it was on gas...the fact that most servos are in the process of pulling out their LPG pumps, not being able to work on it myself, and most of all, having to take it to an LPG mechanic to get the annual pink slip....the negatives just outweigh the positives. To be honest, after lots of elbow grease, and quite a bit of Autoglym Interior Shampoo, the interior now smells rather nice. Do GE's have a cabin filter? I've never seen a reference to it anywhere - where is it?
  15. Given that its coming up to nearly 1 year since I bought the car, and that I've been on the forums for a couple of months I figured it was about time I created a build thread. This is my 626, its a 1994 GE Series I 626 "Luxury": I bought it nearly a year ago (16th October 2016) to fix up in memory of my grandfather, who had recently passed, who had a GE from new, and absolutely adored it. When I bought it it was in a sorry state. The clear coat was peeling (still is, and sadly has picked up a few more bumps and scrapes in the past year thanks to the fact that I live in Sydney, and also the tight turn that I have to make to get into my garage, along with an incident I had a couple of months ago with a dog...), the interior was dirty and full of rubbish and the dash was all bashed and broken, the ignition system was totally shot to Hell effectively making my V6 a V4, it had an exhaust leak (amazingly I only passed two cops on the way home from Gosford, I idled past them both and thankfully didn't get pulled over), and it was also rather unhappy that it had been converted to LPG. Inside it also had that disgusting "old car" smell that some old cars have. It was so bad that I could smell it on my clothes even after I got out. It was a hot day, and I couldn't run the AC due to the "lack of power" issue...it was a rather unpleasant drive home to say the least. On the drive home I also found out that the brakes were, well, questionable and that the steering rack would fight against you when turning, when driving at over 60 km/h. Pro tip: Never buy if you can't take it on the highway, or at least somewhere where you can get up to highway speeds on a test drive. First thing I did was to get the exhaust leak fixed so that I could drive it without being heard 3 blocks away and causing a scene, after which the ignition system was overhauled, and all fluids and filters replaced. Then it was off to Bridgestone to get new rubber. The HiFly things on it were dangerous and needed to go, so I went from one extreme to the other, and opted for a set of Potenza RE003's. At the same time I had the steering rack replaced, and brakes sorted. Afterwards I drove it as-is for the next couple of months, just making sure it was completely sorted mechanically. It was still on petrol/LPG dual fuel at this point. Then in January, it happened. The big breakdown: I was halfway between Sydney and Nowra, on the way to catch up with a mate when I lost power. Ended up having it towed to an NRMA MotorServe and catching the train back to Sydney. About a month later (!!!), after my constant pestering they finally fixed it. And charged me way too much for the pleasure. And left me with a flat battery. They jump started me, and told me the battery was healthy...I drove back to Sydney, and went to the cinema at my local shopping centre...not knowing that the car was basically running off the alternator. I did notice though that it wasn't quite running right. Did some shopping, saw a movie, got back in the car...nup, dead. The next day I went to Supercheap, bought a battery and went back to the car and fitted it, and drove home. I was about to make a booking with an LPG specialist to have the LPG system ripped out since it had given me too many headaches, and also prevented me from doing a lot of work on the car myself when I had another breakdown several days later, on a main road in Sydney. There was a fire truck behind me, the firies got out and pushed me off the road into the bus lane. I was incredibly embarrassed. I called the NRMA, again and specifically asked to be towed to an LPG specialst. They towed me to a taxi mechanic. Who went on holidays that week and couldn't fit me in. So the car basically sat for a week outside his workshop, unable to move. Pissed off, I called NRMA again and pretended I'd had another breakdown, and got towed to another LPG specialist who got the car sorted out and pissed off the LPG system. Pissing off the LPG system was by far the best thing I could've done for the car. It was like a whole new car afterwards. The week after, the interior overhaul began. The interior was given a good clean and completely gutted: Wiring for the new sound system was installed, as was a bulk pack of Dynamat. Carpet from a 1995 model that was in far better shape was installed. Broken dash parts were replaced. (while the car was off the road I'd been rather busy at the wreckers, I'm pretty much on a first name basis with them now!) Everything got a good go-over with Autoglym Interior Shampoo. The new sound system was installed. As the car started to come back together I was rather proud of myself with how good it was starting to look. Here's a pic of it mostly complete: And the final product on display at the Mighty Car Mods meet at Eastern Creek earlier this year - it was finished literally 3 hours before the meet! (and yes, those are the original sales brochures for the 626, and on the dashboard is an issue of Wheels magazine from 1993 where the 626 won Wheels Car of the Year) About a month later I came across a JDM woodgrain dash trim from a 1994 Mazda Capella. $180ish, but I had to have it. Air freight from Japan to Australia is quick, it was in my car a week later: I love it. Really adds a touch of class to it. Given that the GE was marketed in Australia as a luxury car, I personally think it should've come with it from factory. Since then there hasn't been much happening with it. The alternator gave out about a month ago, which I replaced. I'm actually learning how to do everything on this car, I'm doing all my services, repairs and everything myself for the first time, and am rather proud of myself given that the most I've done mechanically in the past has been to check/top up fluids and tyre pressures, and replace a flat tyre. Otherwise, since the LPG was pulled out the car has been solid as a rock. Cruising on the motorway with the AC cranked up, and some nice music playing its amazing to think that 12 months ago the car was as much of a shitbox as it was. While it still looks like crap from the outside, its once again the luxury cruiser that it was intended to be. As for future plans - the next thing I want to do is to get something done about the paint so I can take it to show and shine days, and have something that actually looks halfway decent. I'm looking at getting Halo EFX applied - in Mazda Ruby Mica, same colour as my grandfather's old 626: (pic taken from Google Images) After that...I dunno...*says in his best Tim Allen voice* more power?
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