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  1. Welcome from another new Aussie :)
  2. I've given my 626 a lot of love over the past 8 or so months that I've had it, and have spent a lot of time watching your videos - thanks...they've certainly come in handy while learning about my car. To put it as simply as possible...watching the video of Angel when you first had it delivered reminded me a lot of the very first day I got my 626...however over the last few months I have managed to transform it from the thrashbox that it was when I first picked it up, into the luxury cruiser that it was designed to be. Did a drive down to Nowra on the weekend...basically its official "maiden voyage"...drove absolutely beautifully, and didn't skip a beat.
  3. You can't buy new car cassette decks anymore, however they can easily be found on eBay, even NOS (new old stock) units. You can also try a wrecker - if you get lucky you might even find a stock cassette player from a GD 626. So long as you have the wiring diagrams for both the head unit and your car, installing an aftermarket cassette deck should be simple.
  4. One of the many things that was broken on my 626 (1994 GE, V6 auto) when I first bought it was the cruise control. Basically, I accelerate to the speed I want to set the cruise to, turn on the cruise with the switch on the dash, and hold down the Cruise Set button on the steering wheel while accelerating. The "CRUISE" LED does not light up, and the car doesn't hold the speed, which leads me to believe that the cruise isn't working at all. The orange LED on the cruise control button lights up when I turn on the cruise control system, but the green LED that lights up when the system is active doesn't. I've checked the fuses, which are OK. I've replaced the vacuum hose, thinking that the old one was faulty (when I got the car the vacuum line was only connected at the engine end, the end that normally goes into the cruise actuator had a screw in it, which had stretched it), I even went to the wreckers and got a replacement cruise actuator and installed it, to no avail. Another thing I've noticed is that since removing the screw and connecting the cruise actuator, if I brake hard/stop suddenly, the car either starts to idle rough, or stalls. If I slow down gradually and come to a stop slowly the car runs as normal. This leads me to believe that the cruise actuator is not only not working, but is creating a vacuum leak.
  5. Thanks man :) I actually plan to get new plates at some point, probably when I get the paint sorted in the coming months. Thanks for the Facebook link...apparently they're into cars 25 years and you think they'd make an exception for a 23 year old Mazda with crappy paint? :)
  6. Been lurking for a few months, thought it was about time I joined. I've had my 626, a '94 GE V6 auto hatch for about 8 months, but my story with 626s' goes back many more years. Back in 1992 my grandfather traded in his Holden Commodore VL Executive for a new car, a shiny new Mazda 626 sedan in Ruby Mica. For 7 year old me, it was love at first sight...not just that it was "red" (7 year old car obsessed kids can only see in 16 colours), or that it was so quiet and comfortable to ride in....but it was pretty fancy, with its CD player, power windows, power antenna, cruise control, etc. I used to love riding in "the red car" when my grandparents would visit, and since we lived on a farm with a driveway that went for about a kilometre from the gate to the house, sometimes when going to the gate he would let me sit on his lap and steer. :) We bonded over that car, and he always said that one day it would be mine. Flash forward to 2006, it almost ended up becoming my first fact I actually signed up here to learn a bit about 626's back then! But it was not to be...the drivetrain sadly had other ideas and it was sent to the great parking lot in the sky. He passed away last year at 93 years. I've wanted a project for a while, and I decided to look for either a Holden Commodore VL or a GE 626 to do up in his memory. Fellow Aussies will know how hard it is to find a decent VL these I ended up taking a closer look at 626s'. And I found one. She was in bad, bad shape when I first bought her...had a massive exhaust leak, and the ignition system was completely shot...was not at all fun driving from Gosford to Sydney on the M1 firing on 3 cylinders...I ended up slipstreaming behind a caravan for most of the way. When I was almost home I was at the lights next to some guys on Harleys, they heard me pull up and turned around and looked...I just smiled and nodded lol! I later found that the brakes needed work, and the steering column needed replacement, and there were a lot of vacuum leaks. Then there was the interior, which was full of rubbish and reeked of, well, "old car". The cup holder and the change compartment were busted, and the CD player didn't work, nor did the power antenna. The instrument cluster surround had also been painted blue, and was broken 8 months on, its a very, very different car. She is a pleasure to drive, and runs beautifully, and the interior is a very nice place to be. Some pics: Plans are to get it repainted, preferably in Mazda Ruby Mica, and look at adding more power :)