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  1. keychainbob

    Replacing Gauge Lights In Instrument Cluster

    Quoting this so that I can find it easily when I get ready to replace bulbs. Thanks for the write up, the workshop manual sometimes is difficult to understand.
  2. The turn signals on my dashboard are not illuminating. I can hear the click noise it makes when it's being utilized, the headlights works as well. I don't see any troubleshooting tips in the workshop manual so I've come to see if anyone has had this problem if so, how'd you fix it?
  3. keychainbob

    Which Tranny Do I Have And How Do I Service It

    Cool, I don't need to replace my radiator. I was curious as to what it was and do you think it would ever need to be replaced?
  4. keychainbob

    Which Tranny Do I Have And How Do I Service It

    I have that same thing on mine and it was there when I purchased it!
  5. keychainbob

    Rear Motor Mount Help Needed!

    Awesome info, I'm looking to change mine soon!
  6. keychainbob

    Engine Mount Replacement Diy Guide Help

    Awesome Info, I certainly need mine changed.
  7. keychainbob


    did you ever purchase the new transmission from this website?
  8. keychainbob

    Idle issues, and other issue

    Also, The gasket is a tough part to find. It's literally a thin yet strong square with four holes in each corner but I searched online and no results were exactly like the old gasket that had broken. I think I'll go to a junk yard this weekend and get it! The only reason I decided to troubleshoot myself was because my birthday was July 11th & I didn't want to spend money I saved. If it were any other occasions I would've dropped the coins at an automotive shop counter. But thanks! Oh and that screw that I thought I didn't have, it turns out I do it came along with this neat set I got from harbor freights!
  9. keychainbob

    Idle issues, and other issue

    Hey, I really appreciate your help these past few weeks. I did a tune-up one weekend and forgot to change the air filter and last weekend I finally got around to changing the air filter. HUGE DIFFERENCE!! The air filter was causing lugging and lagging like you said. When I changed it the idle was so much smoother. It felt like backfire in a sense beforehand. But on Sunday July 9th I was on the interstate coming from a city 25 miles away my home, I used the cruise control on and off and as I took the exit to get off the interstate, I turned the cruise control off and the light on my dashboard turned off as well but my car wouldn't come to a complete stop. I applied the brake but the car still tried to move forward. I made it through a stop sign, and two signal lights luckily I was turning right at both lights. I pulled into a church parking lot and I looked through my workshop manual to troubleshoot the problem. I called my dad and he didn't answer nor did he call me back for the 3 hours it took me to find and fix this problem(I wanted to cry but I sucked it up and said I'm going to fix this issue) I initially thought my cruise control stepper was stuck so I unhooked the actuator cable and turned my car back on and it idled really high so i turned my car off and hooked my actuator cable back up. Then I searched google and djdevon YouTube video said that it was it was a possible vacuum leak so I made sure everything was screw tight. Then someone online said they had a similar problem and he said the THROTTLE WAS STUCK OPEN. Once I saw this it was a relief because I didn't feel like taking apart the IAC because I didn't feel like I was properly educated on how to clean the throttle body and IAC. Any who, a piece of the air filter housing gasket broke and slide through MAF housing into throttle body and got stuck and didn't allow the butterfly valve to close also causing the accelerator cable to be stuck I believe. I remove the oddly tough gasket and immediately felt relief. I took some pictures of the dirty throttle body!
  10. keychainbob

    Random engine stalls

    I'm not sure this if this is exact problem as yours but it is similar, I believe. Click The box and it'll take you to this post where others have suggestions
  11. keychainbob

    Idle issues, and other issue

    Thank you so much! I changed spark plugs, which were extremely worn, and the wiring set this past weekend. It felt good to complete this task and cause no further complications from this replacement. Next I plan to clean throttle body and IAC so I recently went to the Pick-n-pull and I practiced on the Idle Air control valve of a damaged car. It took me about 10 minutes to get the throttle body and IAC. Once I got to the IAC there was this one screw that was extremely strange and none of my tools (not even star security) could fit it. The screw is located on the side of the IAC by the idle string (please excuse my lack of knowledge of parts). The screw that I'm speaking of won't allow me to completely disassemble the IAC for the intake. I hope this makes sense!
  12. keychainbob

    Idle issues, and other issue

    I went on rock auto and found the NGK 7090 spark plugs but I was unsure if the wiring sets on their were a proper fit to the plugs as to the vehicle. I see you didn't have any issues with the wiring set you purchased, do you by any chance still have the part number to that wiring set. I would like to change both plugs & wiring set because I'm unsure whether or not the previous owner did appropriate maintenance like he said. He couldn't seem to find any service reports or receipts.
  13. keychainbob

    Idle issues, and other issue

    Star security head driver? I'm a beginner DIY'er so I don't understand all tools/resources by alternate names, is there a technical name for this?
  14. keychainbob

    Strut & Spring Replacement

    Any suggestions on where to purchase all four strut and coil springs assembly?
  15. keychainbob

    Idle issues, and other issue

    I'm experiencing same troubles, what are some tools/resources you suggest to have to clean air intake system. I have info from forum that listed what I should start with on the tune-up, so I'll do that as well! Thanks!