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  1. I have faced challenge with transmission of Mazda. Main problem: Once morning Mazda wasnt able to switch gear on. Forward or reverse. Hold indicator start to flash when selector is set from P to other gears. Already checked: Gear selector works. Selected gear is illuminated in the meter. so inhibitor works. ATX fluid is changed. Solenoid valve unit removed and functionality of solenoids is checked. Error code is read by the engine fault indicator. 6 short flash; seems to be Vehicle speed sensor fault. Speed sensor is working; 4 pulse per round. Wiring from the speed sensor to the ecu is checked. Fault code is reset after each checks by remove battery cable and depress brake 5s. What i should try next? Can the problem be something else than Vss even that code (06) is showed? The engine runs as normal so probaly ecu is ok. This model not include separated EC-AT control unit. EC-AT is included with ECU (non-turbo).