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  1. I'm using an mbed micro controller to switch on all channels on the MM5451 LED driver. I have wired accordingly with 5v PSU, 1k resistor on pin 19 for brightness control (have varied this with no results), data/clock, LEDs with negative to the MM5451 (and positive to +5v inc resistors). I've got a very basic loop that sends out a string of pulses (35 + start bit) which should switch on all channels, but I'm not getting any light. #include "mbed.h" DigitalOut dat(p22); DigitalOut clk(p21); int main() { while(1) { wait_ms(500); for(int i = 1;i < 37; i++){ dat = 1; wait_us(20); clk = 1; wait_us(90); clk = 0; wait_us(20); dat = 0; wait_us(10); } } } Datasheets: mbed: NXP LPC1768 Here's an image of the output pulses: Hopefully the chip isn't broken and I'm just making a really stupid error. Looking forward to your answers!