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  1. Hey Guys...Mazda Newbie here... I was just given a 99 Mazda 626 v6 5 spd car, by a friend trying to help out, as My Car was totaled in a Wreck a month ago... guy had no insurance, yada yada.. I'm a disabled Army Vet, and Solo dad of a 10 yr old Daughter. Money's Tight. Anyway...The car was running when parked, brakes had gone, they parked it.. 3 years later given to me, They can't find Fob and Key, gave me what they called the "valet key" it appears to be a chipped key visually? When turning key to Run, Lights Radio, guages etc work. Turn to Start...Nothing...no solenoid click, nothing... I crossed out solenoid, starter turns... but it won't fire up with key in run position and clutch switch straight wired.. clutch switched checked bad, but key still wont turn it w it straight wired.. Ign switch 30 amp fuse checks good.. I cant find anything about any further trouble shooting... Im seeing a lot about immobilizers, but seems that will let it crank but not run? This car does have the immobilizer... Any Help GREATLY APPRECIATED, as we are Carless right now!! Thanks!!! Tim