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    1993 Mazda 626, 2.0 4-cyl, manual

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  1. Good day. Is there's any way to aim my 626's headlights? The manual I found online doesn't apply to me since it seems to have a different headlight assembly. For instance: It keeps mentioning a level bubble supposedly built into the assembly, which mine clearly doesn't have. The turn signal also comes with the headlight in the said manual, while mine has it as a separate unit altogether. For reference, here's what my 626's headlight assembly looks like: Got the images from https://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/headlight-mazda-626-92-97-passenger-headlamp---warranty---910286/-/6169/ https://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/headlight-mazda-626-92-97-passenger-headlamp---warranty---901489/-/6170/
  2. It won't move from zero at all. But everything else like the RPM, gas, temp gauges work fine. I'm hoping it's a doable DIY fix. What do I need to check and where? Guide pictures would be appreciated. Please, and thanks in advance! (626, 1993 4 cyl)
  3. technowingx

    Engine oil grade help

    Woops, my bad. Yea I meant "change it out to 10W-30". Thanks for that! I was busy these past months so I wasn't able to update here anymore. We had it swapped out to 5W-30 as recommended by a friend. Honestly didn't notice any difference when we ran it with the SAE 40 for a bit, but we thought it would be better safe than sorry later on. Thanks!
  4. technowingx

    Engine oil grade help

    So I noticed the recommended oil was 10W-30, but the local mechanic gave us the SAE 40, which I noticed only after he left. Would that make much of a difference? Should I change it out to SAE 30, still?
  5. technowingx

    Courtesy light delay

    When I open the doors the courtesy lights do not turn on until like 10 seconds of waiting. At first I thought the battery died. So I left the door open and just as I was about to put the key in, the courtesy light comes on. Am I correct to suspect it's a wiring issue? I just inherited the car, and before that point, it hasn't been given a lot of TLC by the family while I was away completing school. Edit: Apparently it really was a sign that the battery was getting weak. A few weeks of that later the car wouldn't start and the lights stayed off. We got a fresh battery and everything worked as it should!