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  1. I'm no expert at the matter but my '93 4cyl used to stutter at startup and I'd have to press on the throttle to get it started. I went from synthetic blend 10w-30 to fully synthetic 5w-30 and changed out the air filter to a new one entirely. Now it only does that when it sits for like 2/+ months or so. Not sure what you meant about hesitating to start, but if you mean you turn the key but the starter doesn't spin for a few seconds or so, maybe have the starter connections and the starter itself checked. Hope it helps
  2. My power windows are working but they slow down once the glass reaches a third of the way down. I tried applying lubricant on the run channels which did make it a bit better but it was still slow past halfway. It even went back to pretreament state after a few washes. I dared not drop them all the way down because I didn’t want to ruin the motors completely. Aside from putting lubricant on the run channels (I used Microtex Glaz No Squix power window lubricant) what else should I do? I would go ahead and replace the run channels myself, but parts for the 626 are hard to come by where I’m from. PS: I was thinking sanding off just the top part of the run channels to get the hardened surface out. Would that be a good idea?
  3. So I managed to squeeze a bit of time to poke around and explore last night. I found the answer to my own question and I thought I should put it out here for anyone who may need it. These four bolts/screws are the ones used for aiming this type of headlight. They move the beams around depending on which way you turn the bolt. Blue: Moves the high beam left or right Green: High beam, up or down Red: Low beam, left or right Yellow: Low beam, up or down It's worth noting that these mechanisms may be fragile due to their age, so be careful! It won't take a lot of turning to move the beams a significant degree anyway, so be patient and turn the bolts with a bit of care. You'll know you broke it when you hear a snap with the bolt suddenly feeling loose and the beam no stays put despite the infinite number of spins. Found this out the hard way. I'll see if there's a way around this, or if I'm left with no choice but to source a new assembly when I find some spare time again. Sigh.
  4. Good day. Is there's any way to aim my 626's headlights? The manual I found online doesn't apply to me since it seems to have a different headlight assembly. (For instance: It keeps mentioning a level bubble supposedly built into the assembly, which mine clearly doesn't have. The turn signal also comes attached with the headlight in the said manual, while mine has it as a separate unit altogether.) My research has told me it’s a European 626 model. Haven’t found anything about aiming though. For reference, here's what my 626's headlight assembly looks like: Got the images from https://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/headlight-mazda-626-92-97-passenger-headlamp---warranty---910286/-/6169/ https://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/headlight-mazda-626-92-97-passenger-headlamp---warranty---901489/-/6170/
  5. It won't move from zero at all. But everything else like the RPM, gas, temp gauges work fine. I'm hoping it's a doable DIY fix. What do I need to check and where? Guide pictures would be appreciated. Please, and thanks in advance! (626, 1993 4 cyl)
  6. Woops, my bad. Yea I meant "change it out to 10W-30". Thanks for that! I was busy these past months so I wasn't able to update here anymore. We had it swapped out to 5W-30 as recommended by a friend. Honestly didn't notice any difference when we ran it with the SAE 40 for a bit, but we thought it would be better safe than sorry later on. Thanks!
  7. So I noticed the recommended oil was 10W-30, but the local mechanic gave us the SAE 40, which I noticed only after he left. Would that make much of a difference? Should I change it out to SAE 30, still?
  8. When I open the doors the courtesy lights do not turn on until like 10 seconds of waiting. At first I thought the battery died. So I left the door open and just as I was about to put the key in, the courtesy light comes on. Am I correct to suspect it's a wiring issue? I just inherited the car, and before that point, it hasn't been given a lot of TLC by the family while I was away completing school. Edit: Apparently it really was a sign that the battery was getting weak. A few weeks of that later the car wouldn't start and the lights stayed off. We got a fresh battery and everything worked as it should!
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