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  1. Been a while since we updated this thread, Mazda still running strong. We had a renter put her pretty hard into the wall at Sebring a couple months ago. We bought another 626 for all the body panels, put new fenders, hood, doors on the car got it all painted and we'll be hitting a Double 7hr race at the end of the month.
  2. Just an update on the 626 racer... We ran in the Champcar Endurance Series 24-hour race at VIR this weekend. Out of 97 cars to make it to the grid, we finished 15th overall and won B-class. We're happy with those results out of an under powered 4-door Mazda, lol. Even during high ambient temps, our water temps were well below 200* and our oil temps never got over 220*. We will be back at Sebring in September racing in the CCES 14-hour race, where we won B-class last year as well. We have a number of solid, fast and reliable rental drivers, which helps make this possible. In February, at the Road Atlanta 14-hour, we broke the 3-4 shift fork, effectively ending our race. This was disappointing, as we moved the car from 78th position at the start to 17th by lap 239 and with about 5 hours left in the race. We fixed the car for the April race at Daytona-Rolex. Unfortunately, a defective Hydramat caused a fuel starvation issue on the banking, which led to a lean condition causing detonation and the eventual demise of a connecting rod after about 4 hours. A replacement FS motor was installed and tuned and it made very similar horsepower to the engine we previously had in the car. The car runs about mid-pack lap times, but can run a full 2-hour stint on fuel (with ease), so it is competitive in endurance racing. We've also modified the rollcage to accommodate drivers over 6'-0". The original cage was very close to the steering wheel and offered no ability to slide the seat and almost no layback, making the seating position quite uncomfortable for some. The seat mount has been redone as well and the seat is on a slider with the slider bar being foot actuated for ease of use by the driver. So the 626 is still going strong. We've got over 60 hours of racing on it and no plans to move on at anytime in the near future.
  3. Here is our YouTube channel for those of you that would like to watch vids or watch live from inside the car. We uploaded some vids from the 10 hour Sebring race and we are going to Live-cast directly through YouTube for the upcoming Rd. Atlanta race. Make sure you hit subscribe!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq0ZnJgyA-JbsYxS5cWdp3Q?
  4. The slowest fast lap in the top 15. But compared to the field as a whole, our fast lap was about .5 faster than the average fast lap. That probably applies to average lap pace as well. But the car is nowhere near the slowest car on the track. While speed and pace are about mid-pack, it is reliable and consistent with a good driver line up that put it in the top ~20% of the field. Hopefully we'll have a good race at Road Atlanta in a few weeks.
  5. We raced the ChampCar Sebring 10-hour yesterday. While we didn't win class against a very quick (and amazingly high fuel tank capacity) Honda Civic, we placed 7th overall out of over 60 cars. A strategy decision and unscheduled driver swap cost us 3-4 laps and had we ran a perfect race, those would have put us in 4th or 5th place overall. Who says the car is slow?
  6. Repairs have been completed from the previous race. We also re rout the power steering lines so they could not be damaged or disconnect again in a small contact incident. We are heading back to Sebring in a couple of weeks for some private days. We are also running the December 10 hour Chump race on the 29th.
  7. WOW!! Really sorry to see this. Glad the driver was able to walk away with no injuries. That looks like a HUGE hit. Hope you guys can find something and get back out on track soon.
  8. Water temp never went over 185 all day. even in the high heat and humidity of Florida. Oil temp gauge wasn't able to get fully installed by this race, after a 14hr race we were shocked when we checked the oil and it still as crystal clean as new out the bottle. I would not be surprised if oil temps also never got above 180.
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