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  1. The 225 vs. 245 in the Hankooks is only a 1lbs difference. I believe the Direzzas in the 215 were 22lbs. The 225 RS4 is 24lbs and the 245 is 25lbs
  2. Yes, we got the ones from the chump forum. Cant' beat 6 wheels for that price. We hadn't planned on upgrading wheels but we'd be stupid if we didn't in this case. The wheels currently have 245 Direzzas on them. We will probably test with them on the car and see how we like that size before we purchase the RS4's we will ultimately race on. 225 vs. 245's it's hard to give up the extra rubber if you can fit it imo. We know we can heat them up.
  3. We just picked up a set (actually 6) Enkei RPF1's in a 17" x 8". We'll pick up two more before the Sebring debut. They are ~6# lighter than the Konigs (each) and an inch wider as well as forged. So ~24# of un-sprung weight savings and we'll run either a 225/45 or a 245/40 tire. Things are coming together and we have some good stuff on the way! S.
  4. Thanks! We will be painting the car and are going with an old school Mazda race livery. We will post pics when that's done as well. Going to be working on the 300zx this weekend but will get some little things done in the process while the bigger items are in shipment.
  5. Our cams are oe factory to the motor. We are going to do an oil cooler, we have an oil pan, header, ignition, pullies, some suspension stuff, etc...
  6. What are you guys at as far as points total? We think we are going to be in the low 400's
  7. Yes, the other car uses the factory gauge and it is accurate. We have done some modifications to the fuel system in that car and along with it being a 19 gallon stock tank we get no starve and can go 2 hours without issues driving pretty hard if we choose to after the modifications. We think we ended the Daytona race with less than a gallon in the tank. Remember, there will be renters in this car. People that have never been in the car before in some cases. Giving them as much information as possible while they are in the drivers seat. We are dropping the tank this week to evaluate and look at some options. We think we can do something similar to what we have in our other car and be fine. The pump angle in the tank will determine what we can do though as the tank is pretty shallow. If we need to, we will go with a hydromat.
  8. That weight had some fuel in it but the car doesn't have a fuel gauge so not sure how much. We are ordering a gauge for it.
  9. Gutted the trunk and made it a pin on rather than the normal setup it had, also gutted the rear doors further. The front doors are next but thru it on the scales just to see where we were, it should have a close to a full tank of fuel too. Happy with the weight so far since we reinstalled the rear bumper and replaced the headlights with OEM units. We still have to install fire system and coolsuit so that will increase the weight a bit.
  10. Dynojet is really the standard. Although this is in STD correction, SAE at this power level would only be a couple of hp lower. Also note that this is the 4th gear pull, the closer to 1:1 3rd gear pull was 158 whp. In any case, the car is making very nice power for a little NA 2.0.
  11. We just locked the butterflies open, one less thing to worry about. We will check on that cooling setting, I know the tuner checked on everything in the old tune so I would be surprised if he missed that.
  12. Picked up the car from the tuners today, and got to drive it on the street for the first time. All I can say is WOW, feels very quick and revs out really fast. Can't wait to get it on track. Also have updated the steering system. New column, raised up higher to allow for more adjustment, NRG flat bottomed wheel with NRG quick release. We've also started to remove more weight from the car, after a couple hours here is a pile of steel. Will get even more weight out over the weekend and get it on the corner scales.
  13. Yeah, we are happy with the #'s. When we get the car back we will take some more weight out of the car and started ordering some more race prep stuff (cool suit, radios, fire suppression, etc..) It's all down hill from here we feel.
  14. No he didn't. That tune started the car and were able to drive around on it but he didn't like much of it at all and completely redid it. He said it was VERY rich
  15. Here's one of the avg. dyno pulls from the new motor. Max pull was a little more.