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  1. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    Repairs have been completed from the previous race. We also re rout the power steering lines so they could not be damaged or disconnect again in a small contact incident. We are heading back to Sebring in a couple of weeks for some private days. We are also running the December 10 hour Chump race on the 29th.
  2. '98 626 Chump Racer!

    WOW!! Really sorry to see this. Glad the driver was able to walk away with no injuries. That looks like a HUGE hit. Hope you guys can find something and get back out on track soon.
  3. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    Couple more vids
  4. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    Water temp never went over 185 all day. even in the high heat and humidity of Florida. Oil temp gauge wasn't able to get fully installed by this race, after a 14hr race we were shocked when we checked the oil and it still as crystal clean as new out the bottle. I would not be surprised if oil temps also never got above 180.
  5. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    Some in car video from the race.
  6. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    Thanks guys!
  7. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    Thanks guys!!
  8. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    Have to say the new tires had LOTS of grip. :D
  9. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    We didn't need it to finish the race. But if it fell off and wedged under the brake pedal in a braking zone or hung up on the pedal assembly it could have been trouble. These will all be removed and replaced before the next race.
  10. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    Thanks. The car really was flawless, the JDM engine is a monster. We put the big oil pan on it with a engine cooler, engine temps never got over 185 the entire race even in the middle of the heat/humidity of the day. As night came on I (Alex) got in the car in the last hour and pushed her to the fastest lap of the day. The car had zero mechanical issues, the 245wide RS4 tires hook up like glue. I'm going to redesign the power steering line system to be better protected in the case of accidents or small crashes. We got hit on the right front and it broke the return line, as said above it was a quick fix under yellow and we didn't lose too much time. Tear down and rebuild is already underway less than 14hrs after a 14hr race. We will be ready for the next race in December at Sebring even stronger.
  11. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    We completed 966 miles during the race finishing 17th overall. Zero mechanical issues except for the power steering line that was ripped apart in the early contact. We got the fixed pretty quickly under yellow and it didn't hurt us as much as it could of. The motor never missed a beat and ran at about 170-180* the entire race. All renters were told they could rev to 6.5k. They all had a blast and were very surprised with how good the car was. Most of them have Porsche's and are signing up for more races. Matt
  12. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    Well, we won B-class. The 626 took the lead about 6 1/2 hours in and never lost it. Pretty much everything we did to the car worked well. No issues with the new (used) engine in the car. No leaks, no failures. The tune had the car burning ~5.5 GPH on average, although one driver who ran a full 2-hour session with zero FCY's and lap times within 1-2 seconds of our FTD burned 13.5 gallons (~6.7 GPH). This driver was also using 2nd gear in a number of areas, so not surprising. The fuel tank with removed baffling and Hydramat worked well. Even after burning 13.5 gallons of fuel the car wasn't starving. All of our drivers were very impressed with the level of grip the car had and the brakes. Our fastest lap of the day put us about mid-pack for the entire field. We were about mid-pack in our class as well, but the fastest car was an RX7 that we knew couldn't make more than ~80-90 minutes on fuel. and it was driven by professional driver Ethan Lowe. Only a couple of glitches with a very early-race contact that caused some minor damage and an 11th hour issue with a driver having trouble at night. We kept the car on-track and brought home the win. We'll be back in December looking for a 2nd trophy, then up to Road Atlanta in February. We'll be installing new lighting and have talked about going to a better shock/strut. Other than that, only some minor changes like pedals (the gas pedal fell off early in the race and we found out that it was held on to the stock pedal with bendable metal tabs), some interior ventilation, maybe a little more weight reduction, etc.
  13. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    We will post the livestream link here on Sat for anyone that wants to ride along during the race. Race is from 9am-11pm EST.