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  1. Hello from the great lakes!

    I've been to this site for help with my Mazda 626 but I never really see and 626's like mine. So I'm looking forward to seeing some other 626's and look for help if any issues come up with my 626. I've seen one 626 that's the same year as mine but it's a Mazda 626 I4 2L. I fell enlove with my Mazda 626 with it also being my first car as well. My Mazda 626 is a 2001 V6-ES with a Auto transmission, when I got it there was an over heating issue and losing coolant but turned out who worked on it last messed up the water pump. Now runs great, Spark plugs and wires replaced back in Dec.2016 due to the engine not starting the sparks were not long enough to ignite anything. Getting the rear rotors and pads replaced due to some heavy grinding sound when braking. Nice to be apart of the Mazda 626 Forums, Alex.
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