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  1. Hi all, Found this car online in Nelson NZ and instantly fell in love. While NZ assembled the Mazda 626, the Coupe's were imported fully assembled and apparently only a very small handful came into New Zealand. Have had many comments locally as pretty much no one seems to have ever seen one, this is the only one I've ever seen either on the road or for sale. I have just purchased a set of 1985 Ford Telstar alloy wheels to fit it, can't locate any factory Mazda wheels yet. Just in the middle of replacing all shocks, complete new front axles, new clutch, water pump & timing belt. One question i do have is the paint, it's a two-tone gold/greyish brown (faded) and the code on the firewall is QS, but I cannot locate this code in any Mazda paint reference charts. Can anyone decode that for me? Thanks, Tony
  2. Hi all, I recently bought an unusual car here in NZ, a 1985 GLX 626 2.0l coupe. Have never seen another one at any stage and most people around here have never seen one either. My question is the paint, it's gold in colour with a greyish lower section that is heavily faded, but no where on the net can I find any reference to the Mazda paint code QS, plenty of gold codes, but all single digit. While the 626 sedan & hatch were assembled in NZ, I believe only a small handful of coupes were imported across all the years, making it a rare car here. Anyone out there have any ideas? Thanks, Tony
  3. Hi everyone, just entered the world of being a 626 owner so thought I'd better join this forum! While there have always been lots of 626's on the road here in NZ, I've just bought a fairly rare item that I've never seen in this country before. Its a 1985 GC GLX coupe, 2.0l with a 5 speed manual in gold with a gold interior. Fairly tidy and original, just needs the clutch replaced and sort the suspension as I drove this home about 500kms with basically no shocks! Previous owner said shocks had all been replaced but that can't be as it bottomed out continually. Notice it still has all the AAS bits, so maybe this has simply been disconnected? Would the shocks work at all if the system had its fuse pulled?? Cheers, Tony
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