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  1. Japanese Capella with different MAF sensor than other 626s

    You're right, once I got it unbolted from the air filter I managed to remove it and give it a spray. Unfortunately, after five days of no problems prior to getting the MAF off, I sprayed the MAF and did a little more cleaning on the IAC. After doing the battery reset thing the car is now back to dying at almost every stop. I'll see if it settles down after a little more driving, otherwise I feel like I've gone and 'fixed' what wasn't broken...
  2. Japanese Capella with different MAF sensor than other 626s

    Sorry, I probably didn't explain that very clearly. It is quite possibly normal for this model/style, it just appeared different from all the tutorials on MAF cleaning for Mada-ish cars. That caused some confusion/concern for someone like me with not much experience.
  3. Japanese Capella with different MAF sensor than other 626s

    Thanks, unfortunately I do not have any wire piercing probes to do that seem to be required for that. I'm pretty sure the MAF is functioning somewhat as I forgot to plug it back it when I went for a drive and the engine was all over the place. After replugging it things were fine. I considered trying to take the whole MAF unit off, but couldn't undo the bolts holding it to the air filter. I'll get hold of some better tools and give that a go.
  4. Hi, Apologies if this is the incorrect forum, I wasn't sure if it should be here or under other 626s. I have a Japanese import 1998 Capella which has had some idling issues, initially resulting in it occasionally cutting out while coasting up to an intersection once the car had just got up to temperature. A week ago this problem became more serious as the engine would stop any time the RPM dropped towards idle speed. Thanks to some great posts on this forum I had a crack at cleaning the IAC, which initially didn't seem to make any difference. I then noticed the pipe from the air intake to the air filter had a large split in it; I taped this up and that didn't seem to make any difference either. However the following day, and since, the car has run as normal. I don't know whether it was something that took a while to re-calibrate or what, but I'm happy enough (have since replaced the split pipe). Most of the references to the IAC also refer to the MAF, so I thought I might as well clean that as well. However, mine appears to be a little different from all the tutorials and videos I can find, which involve removing two screws to get the sensor out. My MAF looks to have some kind of lid with some small plastic clip-type things holding it on. I tried removing this, broke the first one and still had no movement from the "lid", so stopped and came here. I've attached a photo, let me know if it is not clear enough. Searching the internet for "fp39 maf" finds a lot of places to buy similar units, but no real useful information (to me). I'm wondering if anyone knows if this particular unit is cleanable in any way? And whether I may have caused myself any extra problems by breaking off the clip? Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help. carl