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  1. 02maz626

    Vacuum and idling issue

    Trybchecling your injector seals, and sounds like it may be time for a new air intake manifold gasket get a throttle body gasket too. All together youll be spending about $30- $35
  2. 02maz626

    Stuttering at idle and acceleration

    I have just went through the same problem. Was showing a misfire in cylinder 3. Ended up findind a bad seal on my injector and replaced my intake manifold gasket, and throttle body gasket. Also tweaked my idle up a bit. Now its idling pretty well. Hope this helps.
  3. 02maz626

    Vacuum and idling issue

    @JohanSA, try checking your seals around your injectors. I just went through something similar with my car. My profile has the story and how I diagnosed the problem.
  4. 02maz626

    Idles rough when stopped then stalls

    @smuryof, the compression was fine. I killed my starter trying to crank it originally, so I replaced it. Then found out my fuel pump was bad. Replaced that over the weekend along with the manifold gasket. hile removing my fuel rail, to replace the gasket, I found a bad seal around my injector. So I spent like $5 for a seal, no more idling rough or anything. All because of a seal
  5. 02maz626

    Idles rough when stopped then stalls

    Thanks for the reply @smuryofI'm going to look into a compression test today. Theres about 180K on the car. Ive done the injector cleaner. I wasn't that lucky. Lol. Im hoping it will be something simple. I have the air intake man gasket, I will be attempting to replace today. So let's hope for the best
  6. I have a 2002 mazda 626 2.0 l4 When idling at a stop sign or red light, it shakes and runs rough and sometimes stalls. Putting it in neutral, it will go back to a smooth idle. Any thoughts? I have only had the vehicle for about 4 months, so i don't know of how well this car has been maintained. I have replaced the spark plugs, oil change with full synthetic, I have a new Air Intake Man Gasket and Throttle Body gasket that I will be replacing later this evening. Maybe the MAF? The codes are saying misfire in cylinder 1 & 3. Also saying system too lean?
  7. 02maz626

    Mazda 626

    Mazda 626