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  1. Mad Maddox

    Idle issues, and other issue

    Sounds good, but if need be you can get some gasket material at your local auto parts store for relatively cheep if the junk yard doesn't pan out. If you want to go super cheep you can use the back cover of a paperback book as long as it is big enough and it doesn't have ant raised lettering.
  2. Mad Maddox

    Idle issues, and other issue

    Wow, that sounds kinda terrifying. Glad you were able to find the issue though. It sounds like you are developing some very good problem solving skills, which as far as I'm concerned is fantastic!!!!! Keep it up. As far as the gasket being broken, when you have the money you will definitely want to replace it because if you don't your engine computer will not have an accurate are flow which it gets from the maf sensor. And instead of a rich mix( to much fuel) it will be too lean( not enough) causing you to loose power. The good news is they are cheep and you know how to fix it. Good luck and have fun!
  3. Mad Maddox

    Idle issues, and other issue

    Sorry took so long to respond, been kind of busy lately. As far as the screw you are referring to if it is the screw below the the spring loaded arm that the cable connects to that is an Allen or hex bolt. You can get a set at any hardware store. They do come in metric and standard sizes, and you may as well get a set of both as you will run into more of them as you learn more about car repair. Before you run out and buy a set though Google a picture of a hex bolt to verify that it is the one you are looking for. The only other screw head I can think it would be an external torx head. Again Google a picture to be sure. And last if you have not changed your air filter yet, do that next. A dirty air filter can cause lugging and lagging as well and it is one of the cheeper easy fixes. Good luck, and hope you are able to further your repair knowledge
  4. Mad Maddox

    Idle issues, and other issue

    I'm sorry I don't. But the best thing about rock auto is that as long as you have the correct make model year and size of your engine ( 4 or 6 cylinder) the site will only show you parts for your car. The only time I have had an issue is with the O2 sensor, due to the fact that there are sensors for California emissions as well as federal standards. I prefer to pick the part that is in the middle of the price range. Also resently they started marking parts that ship from the same place with a van icon, after you put the first part in your shopping basket to save on shipping. Last pay attention to heart icons. Those items are the most popular. I.E. best part for best price. Hope this helps
  5. Mad Maddox

    Idle issues, and other issue

    Sorry, a star bit has a head shaped like an asterisk. The security version has a hole in the middle. Of you look at the top of your mass air sensor ( should be right behind the air filter housing) you will see a black plastic housing with 2 screws in it. That is your mass air flow sensor. You will also see an electrical connector plugged into the side. If you go to almost any auto parts store and describe what you need they will be able to find it for you. Let me know if you have any more questions. Also a good resource for diagrams. Open your browser and type your make model and year, then air intake diagram. Google has a tab for pictures of what you are looking for. Click on that and you will see several exploded diagrams of the are intake.
  6. Mad Maddox

    Idle issues, and other issue

    I would suggest a small wire brush, brass preferably. Some air intake cleaner. And you will need a star security head driver to get the mass air flow sensor out of the housing. In mine there was a dot of plastic in one of the screw heads, digging out the plastic was the hardest part. I found that if you hear up your driver head with a torch after digging out as much plastic as you can worked for me. I got my driver set at harbor freight for $6. Also there are a lot of great videos on how to clean your entire air intake system on YouTube. They will give you a better idea of what to expect. Also don't forget the basics: air filter, spark plugs and wires, and fuel filter. Good luck
  7. Mad Maddox

    Idle issues, and other issue

    Thanks for all the help folks, there were a lot of great ideas that I explored. I ended up cleaning the entire air intake system, and doing a tune up as well. Found some gunk in the throttle body, as well as a bad air filter. Just to be on the safe side I replaced the $.99 bin spark plugs,with some mid grade ones and changed out the old wires with a lifetime warranty set. Thank goodness for Rock Auto. Hole parts list cost less than $50 with shipping. Purring like a kitten at stop lights now. Thanks again!!!
  8. Mad Maddox

    Idle issues, and other issue

    Thanks I will give it a try
  9. Mad Maddox

    Idle issues, and other issue

    Hi, I recently bought a 1999 626 with the 2 LTR 4 cylinder automatic and I'm. Trying to figure out two issues that may be connected. The first is when the engine has warmed up and I am stopped at say a stop light my rpms dip like it is going to stall, and the longer I am stopped the worse it gets. It will even do this when in park but takes longer to manifest. I have been told this may be a fouled or faulty maf sensor, but I don't want to replace it and find out the issue is still there( I am on a tight budget). The other issue is with a rough shift from first to second. The odd thing is it only happens when the engine is warmed up. When the engine is cold or at least not up to temp it shifts smooth as silk even when I put the gas peddle to the floor. The computer is also throwing a bank 1 O2 sensor error. I am mechanically inclined but I have little experience with engines in general. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks