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  1. My Mazda 626 cranks no start no spark

    hello, ive got an 02 2.0L, and currently going through the same thing after a rebuild from a head gasket. Virtually no problem for 'bout a month, and a sudden change of the distributor cap seemed to send me spiraling down a similar path as yours. i fell sad to see no replies to such an old comment. and in best wishes that you overcame this with a solution, will you please share what became of this problem if not suggest any great cliffs Till then i shall continue to do what DIY does best. Dig.
  2. hey guys, ive had my 02 4L ATX for a few years now, and have gotten by on the help you all have provided eachother to keep my 626 on the streets... but alas she has been blowing hoses and i have been given the conformation today (from reliable technicians) she has a bad gasket. So my question is, what is the most compatible V6-MTX to put into my vehicle, and what will i need. ive put in much work love and money and would be sad to give up so easy. please and thank you.