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  1. Hello.I have an 86 Mazda 626 turbo that has developed an intermitentent starting issue. The starter is new, the entire charging system works great. Has a new coil, cap rotor and distributor along with plugs and wires. I have narrowed it down that it seems when starting up it starts and then instantly wants to die. Once I start again it just cranks and cranks. If I let it sit for a couple seconds with will fire but run rough before smoothing out. This problem only happens intermittently. Once warmed up seems to run great. I replaced the distributor because I know these things are prone to the ICM’s going bad. I love this car it’s my daily driver I’m lost as to what could be wrong here. I talked to a mechanic and he told me it could possibly be a leaky injector causing it to act flooded because it’s filling the cylinder with fuel but not wanting to fire Immediately. Anyone ever heard or had this issue? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!