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  1. I haven't checked the pressure, but i had it hooked up to a computer to tell me why the check engine light is on. 8 different freaking codes.....2 of the 8 codes are misfires from piston 1 and 4. Also have crankshaft position, maf sensor, and other things. So i think im juat guna buy a rebuilt engine.
  2. Ive found a webstie jdmquality.com that has all types of rebuilt motors and other jdm stuff. It seems to be pretty legit.
  3. My oil has a slight smell of gasoline in it. It has trouble starting alllllll the time. It idles really low, like 700. And the smell of the exhaust is extremely strong. Can anyone tell me what is causing these issues?? I have a 2.0 l i4 amd its a 1997
  4. Would it be cheaper to rebuild or replace my transmission?
  5. I just cant find a 4wd drivetrain to do a conversion. You have any ideas of where to look??
  6. Well thank you everyone , for your replies!
  7. How complicated would it be to change my 97 626 fwd to a rwd, or maybe even awd??
  8. I already have a 97 626 with tje 2.0 in it and it drives. I know at thia point im guna need to basically rebuild the engine some time soon, so i figured id go ahead and do a swap anyways. Just cant decide between an i4 or v6. Lol
  9. Should i swap with a new 4cyl/i4 or should i switch to v6??
  10. Im doing the same thing with my 97 626. But i continue to have trouble finding an engine and trans to swap with.
  11. I have a 97 626 with a klze 2.0l and a spd manual, but i want to do a swap while also sticking with an i4. Any ideas on where to look and what would be rhe best fit??
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