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  1. I was simply taking of the clip, however, it required such force that when it finally unclipped, the sensor side (side without the wire) i went flying in the engine bay somewhere and did not drop to the ground. I was out so I had to drive, not sure if its still there but I could not see anything. Car seems to run the same without it. It was just a straight plug. It did not connect to anything else. What is it?
  2. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    I have no idea how long the car will last now. It is stumbling and has lost a lot of power. Have no idea how long the fuel pump will last now or whether the hoses inside will completely fall apar. The car still reaks on acetone whenever I drive it. It is the stupidest thing I have ever done to a car. I have to be prepared to buy another car now and im SO pissed of because I have recently serviced and changed a lot of parts on the car. New timing belt brakes, coolant, sensors, etc all the important stuff. Its very clean and comfortable but I dont think it has long left after this shit. I will change the oil again soon it seems to help but the fuel pump is moaning now and the car surges when you accelerate so I think the fuel pump is dying or something is leaking. FIS, thats very generous of you. Thanks... how much IS postage for just the IAC valve in case I need it or buy another 626...
  3. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    About 4 days ago I was desperately trying to find a solution to the problem. I came across the Scotty kilmer video, and while I didn't think it was the cat being blocked, I also read many comments about how well it also cleans injectors and how amazing and smooth idle etc their car ran afterwards. It was like a godsend. I figured MAYBE I have bad injectors or a clog etc. ( have changed the fuel filter in the past and It didn't help). So many people are having such luck with it it cant hurt and its worth a try...or so i thought. NEVER EVER EVER USE A PRODUCT PEOPLE HAVE HAD SUCCESS WITH UNLESS ITS THE EXACT same product. Long story short turns the lacquer thinner I used had 60% acetone in it. It said thins lacquer on it so I thought its the right stuff. NOBODY made a fuss on the video or comment section about to be wary of EXACTLY what type of lacquer thinner to use and what the ingredients are or that there are VASTLY different products called Laqcuer thinner. It completely destroyed my car. This is the product I used. The fuel line clogged with black rubber and it melted and chemically burnt and destroyed almost everything on the ENTIRE car that wasn't metal. When I say everything i mean EVERYTHING. Even engine mounts and bushes were not safe they have gone all WHite and rigid. ALL the hoses in the engine bay have gone Rock hard. All the plastic is White and bleached looking. I got SICK and almost fainted driving the car. It stripped ALL the oil out of everything. The gas filler cap even sized it no longer clicks properly. IT destroyed the engine oil and and caused the engine to run with massive amounts of friction so much so that IT wore out the bearings and the starter even had a hard time cranking over the engine. The next day when when I took the injectors out the o rings fell apart in my hands like spaghetti. When I blew on it black rubbery fuel came out of the fuel filter and a rubbery smell mixed with glue and acetone smell. It melted the fuel lines. I got a used set of injectors and got the car running again but it runs like shit and has no power. I changed the engine oil and it came out dripping like it was vodka coming out. It has no viscosity. I poured in just under 4 litres to half a petrol tank. I found out it was the IAC all along because I went there and blew a hairdryer on it and it stalled. I then took it out cleaned it with carby cleaner and it ran much better. U unplugged it and the car stalled again same symptoms. I think it needs to be replaced not that it matters now very pissed of but yeah....
  4. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    OMFG. It is and always was the IAC valve. Tgankyou. This is a bitter sweet moment because its too late. I have alread ruined most the car using "lacquer" thinner. I will explain in detail once i get over the loss of about $4000 and a lot of time and effort and loosing the car which i have grown to love.
  5. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    I managed to catch a bit of the problem last night right after i checked injector resistance. I only blip the throttle ONCE at the 22 second mark the rest is the foot of the pedals and ECU doing its thing and again i blip it a bit at the 53sec mark and 1 min mark to show you how the car responds. This is not a not start condition its not hot enough for that but its a start and stall at idle condition unless you keep revs up but its the same problem that gets worse with heat it will eventually lead to a no start at higher temps! DJ devon I forgot to answer your question coolant temp gauge is normal just below half way coolant system working in great condition!
  6. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    Oh by the way they dont sell Seafoam here in Aus or anything even close to it. I get mine from the U.S so Shout out to the U.S :D Been doing so for decades.. its not easy to do since it strictly cant travel by air! Its great stuff really frees up an old gummed up engine when added to oil fuel and via intake!
  7. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    Well I just checked the injector resustance. Got the car to opersting temp first. At 4am in a car park. Was so easy to do love 4 cylinders for this. They are all a 18ohm flat. Is that too high ?... If it is they all failing identically. I do not think they can be clogged. I have run tons of fuel injector cleaners and seafoam through it. Surely this would have cleaned them up? Im gonna run lacquer thinner in there just in case and then wait for the Crank sensor. Or would you guys advise against running lacquer thinner? About 1 quart in a 1/4 of a tank.
  8. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    Yes, time for him to enter godmode level. Work on a Millenia S.... Well I tend to jump to conclusions, so this probably isn't the case. I just assumed because I was smelling rich fuel it wasn't getting spark, but it could easily be the injectors flooding the cylinders! Instead of diagnosing I tend to just try fix it with the most obvious by buying a new part. I am usually 98% correct in what the problem is, this time however I got unlucky and time after time after time its just been a dead end. I now see it was stupid tbh because I have wasted enough to buy another top conditon 626.... Idiotic really, and I always wanted a manual one and there are great ones for sale for so little money. This is why no one works or fixed or even maintains cars any more, just buy another because it really is cheaper. Guess what, beforeDJ posted, i order a CRANK angle sensor. Its on its way but will take a few weeks to get here. It was the last thing I was going to do. REally. The LAST. Now I am looking at the injectors. Its time to do some testing but I dont have much experience using tools to test just feel. I will check the injector resistance values and report back. But I haven't really checked for spark because I have always been alone when the car stopped. How do I check for spark alone? Can I just take out a spark plug wire and place it somewhere on the head of the engine and while cranking see if spark is coming out? I'm not sure I have to have a look around for a spark plug tester that fits like a normal spark plug but do I have to ground it?,
  9. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    FIS and MikeinLA....Its amazing how fast things add up but yes I have got a new part for each of those listed and they did nothing to solve the problem. DjDevon. Was wondering if youre still alive. Seen your vids. You really should have lived in Australia or Japan if you are a 626 fan the US ones are not as good For example we got a millenia automatic transmission in ours instead of CD4. The headlights and taillights are different (Projectors) Better quality interior materials and specs etc..I seen US ones and they even feel tinnier in the metal. Anyway holy shit I think you are right about the injectors! The problem only started right after about 2 years ago i used a product that claimed to improve mog for the next 40,000km. So to test for this can i just measure the resistance across the injector? What is it meant to be?
  10. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    By the way stuff is not cheap in australia like the US. A cam angle sensor is $220 instead of say 30 in the US. A crank angle sensor here is 150 instead of 17 etc. Labour is about 100 dollars an hour at the cheapest.
  11. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    Yea I hope so. I saw some vids of a chinese guy changing it on a mazda 6 looked easy enough. However are these common things to fail on a 626? Will this be just another part I have two working copies of..Cant afford to keep spending money blindly like this if its not the problem I think i will have to give up. I could habe bought another 2 626 by now
  12. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    Yes i would like to know this. it could easily be my problem right?
  13. CD4E issue

    Well you were right on your first post. Its a completely crap tranny because numerous things go wrong with them from day 1. Your problem of not moving is because the transmission cant lockup the bands or the clutches that are in there because its too worn out. Changing the valve body probably helped because its what controls and moves the fluid pressures around the place to make things operate and the new one you got may be a revised unit which operates with higher pressure to squeze whatever was left of your tranny. Or simply it was cleaner etc. But im sure they made revisions to that tranny but it was always a POS. You either go for a full rebuild with someone whos done them before and has has knowledge or you throw a used low milage one and hope. Last attempt for your tranny try drain all old fluid and fill with all type f. Also try putting less than you should or more than you should bout 1 quart each way to see if it moves better.
  14. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    MikeinLA Yes I had the timing belt professionally replaced with all new parts bearings and spring in an attempt to fix issue few months ago. The mechanic said was a complete waste as old parts were perfect. Now here is the big kicker. 2 years ago the car did have an intake manifold leak and it never used to stall. The car would try to die out but it would not stall as much even in the heat because it was getting extra air. It also got more mpg. 800km to a tank vs 600 i get now. After fixing the leak it started to stall more and get less mpg! I guess it was better of with the leak! LOL Anyway im not about to create a leak in it on purpose. Yea I changed ignition coil too..Did nothing. Keep in mind i am replacing with brand new parts and ussually paying a mechanic to do all the work I cant. The engine is in tip top cindition for its age. I run seasoam through the gas intake and oil and change oil a lot ussually use castrol magantec or edge. Its clean as a whistle.
  15. 98 - Shuts Down When Hot

    FIS, Im already running BKRs as I said. 6 heat range is too cold Im rinning BKR5ES-11.Loose performance for nothing if i go 6 IMO. BUT I have never tried 6 heat range so if you think it can help i will try but i dont see how.. IS 1.1mm too big of a gap? Should i go 0.8mm As I said i already wasted my money and bought a brand new Denso cam angle sensor. The one at the top thats east to get to with one bolt. Now I have 2 working denso units. Made no difference. HOWEVER I have not changed the CRANK angle sensor. My car has one for sure right? Behind the front right wheel cover? I guess i have to change that too to be sure..sigh im running out of ideas.