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  1. 626 2.0 low compression

    Thanks. That sounds like some good advice. Ill find some time in the next few weeks to test it the way you described. Like you said. Its better than throwing parts and money at it will no good direction. I did key in on what you said about the timing marks. I cant tell you how many times i went back and checked the marks and all look good, but when you mentioned the slack... if i put the belt on from the intake cam gear first, then the exhaust cam gear, would that put the slack on the wrong side and cause the issue? The marks all line up when the engine is off, but would it slack up too much and cause a valve timing issue? It dont sound logical but its a thought.
  2. 626 2.0 low compression

    Thanks. Just second guessing myself too much.
  3. 626 2.0 low compression

    Hi guys. Been reading a lot of threads but never posted. I have an issue now and im looking for ideas (confermation really) my 97 626 2.0 blew a lower rad. Hose and over heated. I replaced the head gasket due to low/no compression. Now engine is very hard to start. Worse when cold. Once its started it drives good. Did a compression test and this is what i got. #1=90 PSI#2=40 PSI#3=40 PSI#4=90 PSIWET TEST #1=120 PSI#2=50 PSI#3=40 PSI#4=100 PSIMy question is rings? Or warped head? Maybe both?