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  1. Dash Lights Not Working

    This. Helped. So. Freaking. Much. You have no idea, many thanks!
  2. Mazda 626

    Mazda 626
  3. OK guys. So I bought my 626 from auction with radio wires hanging out of dash and most interior lights not working. Upon investigation tonight, I touched the gray wire to the blue and red constant power and my dash lights and all other lights came on. My question is how the heck do I fix this?? Make to where it works right?? All these wires are in the same place when it makes no sense for them to be near each other?!?
  4. Post Up Pictures Of Your 626

    Will post more after she's washed this weekend!
  5. Show off your 626

    Couldn't find a forum in threads for this so I'll start one. Here's my 1998 2.5 auto 626. She needs a bath!
  6. Tune up help?!?

    Okay guys, I've owned my beautiful 98 626 for a few months now. Been fixing things as I get the money. She's got almost 190,000 on her!!! Was wondering what else I need to change besides: fuel filter, oil filter, plugs, plug wires, valve cover gaskets and grommets, timing belt, o2 sensors. Wanna get her running right. Also do any of y'all know of a product that would actually clean the whole fuel system? Not that crappy stuff you buy for 2 dollars and makes your motor smoke. There's a lot of ethanol in u.s. gas and its killed the fuel system over the years. Thanks, C.s.